5 Healthcare App Ideas for Your Next Android App Development Project

The online health services were already showing a steady growth even before the pandemic hit us. Android app development paved the way for numerous brands to reach out to their targeted customers. And it also made necessary medical assistance and products available to people from the comfort of their homes. 

Over time, mobile applications have become a popular choice to cater medical services to people in the health and fitness industry. And since the pandemic, people are finding it more convenient to seek fitness and healthcare solutions online rather than visiting health centers. This current scenario is a great time to build android app and extend your business in the healthcare industry. 

Catch healthcare app ideas and turn them into reality 

No matter which field you are in, catching a unique idea has never been easy. And in this era of globally increasing smartphone usage, everybody is launching something extraordinary and completely original. Hence, we have listed some health care application ideas that you might find interesting. Once you get exposure to some brilliant ideas, you can quickly hire android developer and deploy your app on the market.

1) Sleep app: tracking and monitoring your sleep cycle 

Both doctors and entrepreneurs can develop these kinds of apps. It targets all the users who are facing trouble falling asleep. The primary motto is to help them get into a relaxing mood so that they can fall asleep. You can easily hire android programmer who can design and develop an app with tools to play relaxing music and track sleep hours. Well, there’s a famous saying that “slumber doesn’t come as easy as pain.” This healthcare app idea can prove it wrong. 

2) Home workout app: AI-based fitness training 

Everybody is stuck in their homes, resulting in minimal body movements. Hence, you can offer them some home exercises that don’t require any equipment. The workouts will be pre-recorded in the app, and users can customize their daily routines as per their requirements. Android development experts can also add an artificial trainer to guide the users with exercises and diet plans. It is the best time to launch an app like this and reach out to millions of people across the globe. 

3) Medicine ordering app: an online pharmacy

These types of apps are reaching new heights of success in this post-pandemic situation. If someone is feeling sick, they can avoid social interaction by not going out to buy medicines. And the overall healthy population also finds it more comforting to order medicines online instead of going out and risking themselves to any flu or infection. Hence, you can utilize android app development and deploy an app that delivers prescribed drugs to people. 

4) Meal planning apps: healthy diet plan and calorie counter

An app that can organize your eating routines by listing healthy foods is something everybody needs. An AI that plans your meals to help you lead a healthy life is currently in high demand. Everybody wants to eat healthily, but they are pretty clueless about the foods that meet their wellness objectives. Therefore, there is no better time to hire remote android developer and build an app that can change lives. You can also add a feature of consulting nutritionists and dieticians to make your app more popular in the market. 

5) Mental health app: emotional wellness & online therapies

Stress and hectic lifestyles contribute to mental health issues in today’s society. Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and panic attacks affect several people. Hence, you create an android app to treat mental health problems and raise awareness. Users should be able to contact experts and book online therapy sessions. They should also discover some meditational remedies. In a crisis-ridden world, this is the time for your business to reach out to the people seeking help. 

Final thoughts 

I hope this blog has helped you find a unique healthcare app idea if you have been on the hunt for one. If you are willing to turn your healthcare app ideas into reality, get in touch with any android app development company. You can hire Techno Exponent, an award-winning mobile and web application development company best known for its contribution to android app development. They will help you build a world-class app that can help you get an edge in the market. 

Guest article written by: Sahil Chatterjee is the senior content writer at Techno Exponent. He is passionate about writing content that gains social media attention and increases search engine visibility. In addition to writing for TE, he is into poetry, filmmaking, and cooking. 

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