How AI Can Elevate Your Operation & Service Management?

AI’s impact on operation and service is evident. The algorithms embedded into apps for organizational processes are doing miracles for businesses. It automates mundane tasks, speeds up deliveries, and accelerates the scope of profits too. And, that’s gigantic succor for operations and service management. 

“Organizations are now convinced of the benefits that AI can bring. They are now asking themselves where and how they should invest.”
-Gordon Schembri, Principal Digital Technology, GE Oil & Gas

Why AI?

There are pretty good reasons in support of ‘why AI.’ 

Boosts Sales

Implementing AI in organizations enhances sales of new products, and even the old ones.3 in 4 organizations rely on AI for a higher sale rate. 

Increase Operations

AI rockets operational efficiency by approximately 10% and almost more than 75% of organizations are using it nowadays. 

Produce Insights

Expect AI to produce better insights and analysis for a healthy business that grows tremendously in all sectors.

Higher Customer Engagement 

AI enhances customer satisfaction by a large percentage, as the services to them are more satisfactory when relied upon AI.

Now, How AI Can Elevate Your Operation & Service Management?

Operational efficiency improves processes supporting the production of the final service/product. When these operational processes are streamlined, immense growth can be expected. 

The ultimate goal of investing in AI is to diminish cost, increase efficiency, and deliver efficient outcomes in the least possible time. 

How AI elevate operation & service management? 

1. Enhance Production Procedure

The ultimate motive is to reduce cost whilst delivering efficient results. With the rise of smart factories, higher utilization of AI helps in collecting samples and analyze data at a much quicker rate. Hence, the production waste or any inefficiencies are eliminated. AI in production has proven to be a game-changer – it minimizes efforts, errors, complex operational decisions, and enhance productivity. 

2. Robotic Procedures Are Coming

RPA is the next big thing, as believed by the experts. AI identifies the problems, and what exactly should you do to fix them. RPA takes action most sensibly. That’s a pretty good solution for operations and service management. The simplicity in determining the concerns in the business process and the accurate solution to fix them will improve how the business operates. 

3. Enhanced Self-Sufficiency & User Experience

AI in operations and service management improve self-sufficiency and end-user experience. In short, the overall effectiveness gets a boost. One can see the technology transforming the service and operations via the humanlike first level of interaction with the end-users. That satisfies the user, the customer. Such conversational context in services and operations captures the customers, hook them, and keep them connected for longer. 

Service automation and service intelligence – that’s in. The entire concept of operations and services will change. Companies are spending on operational activities – sending service requests, closing tickets, delivering the outcomes. All of it can be put into automation, allowing users to enjoy much quicker and efficient services eventually. 

Hence, AI is a boon to the operations and service industry, as it entirely changes the way the industry operates. Automation, quicker solutions, problem identification improves services and operations, apparently. 

Guest article written by: Neha Bhardwaj, a technical/non-technical writer, constantly finding growth opportunities and enhance existing skillset, currently a blogger at Adore writing, exploring the world, and learning more about new cultures. 

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