How artificial intelligence will change the future

Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines which are programmed to imitate humans action and even think like a human. The term is also used interchangeably to any machine that exhibits traits associated with the human mind such as learning and problem solving

Today at odyssey blog let’s discuss how artificial intelligence will change the future

1. Cybersecurity

There were times when data protection was a difficult job. Hacking was so common and easy but now it has been suggested that data will be protected with the latest artificial intelligence technology and eventually will lead to reduce or zero chances of data thefts.

2. Medicine

Can artificial intelligence affect the medical field as well? It has been suggested that soon the patients will be treated by robots to minimize errors commonly produced by humans. It has also been suggested that in the future a human genome will be studied first and then it will be easy to prescribe the medicine to that particular genome. Cancers can be managed and treated promptly. All diseases or syndromes once thought incurable can now be cured with artificial intelligence advances.

3. Vital tasks 

Artificial intelligence has been taking over our lives recently and even the basic tasks can now be fulfilled with the advances of Artificial intelligence. This innovation will be helpful for older individuals who can manage their lives by themselves. From tasks like switching lights to making dinner, from managing your lawn’s grass to adding food to your pet’s pot everything can now seem possible. 

4. Transportation Industry

Some days we wish that cars can drive themselves, park themselves. Well, artificial intelligence is here from the future to grant your wishes. Efforts are made to make driverless cars. These cars will help in reaching your destination and parking themselves. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite coffee while the car drives itself

Furthermore, the transportation services in the future can be hassle-free. It will be easiest to book a ride with your data already stored via artificial intelligence. 

5. Smartphones 

Smartphones play the most important role in the future of AI. As data is saved from our usage of mobile, our interests, our likes, and dislikes. In the future, it is imagined that mobile phones will only focus on showing you the stuff you are interested in. AI will solely focus on your interests as they will try to understand every individual is different with different needs. 

6. Future of marketing 

With the advances of AI, there can be a huge positive impact on businesses. Getting your order booked to receiving it on the same day can be possible with the help of AI. In the future, there will be no need for a salesperson to tell you the benefits of their products. Artificial intelligence will be showing you the product according to your best interest. 

In our today’s blog, we stated the advances AI will be having in our lives but are we ready for it? People are worried about them being jobless as in today’s world manpower is still needed and with the future of AI, there will be no need for any human working for another human. People also say that Artificial intelligence is yet another advance of making us dependant on it. Humans will be lacking their cognitive skills as they don’t have to think about complexes anymore it’s the robots doing all the jobs. Nevertheless, we are heading towards the future and we are looking forward to the advances and positive impact Artificial intelligence be having in our lives. 

Guest article written by: The Odyssey Blog

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