How Clothing Boutiques Are Using Tech to Boost Sales

by Guest Author on March 12, 2021

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Nowadays, tech is all around us and no business can afford to miss out on implementing it into their operations. With the development of technology, the expectations of customers grew as well, so those who don’t want to lag behind need to be on the cutting edge. If you think that this does not apply to your brick-and-mortar retail store, think again. There is a lot of potential to improve customer experience and thereby, boost sales in a clothing boutique with the help of technology. Here are some of the ways in which businesses are already leveraging this potential. 

Do away with lengthy checkout processes

One of the things that turn people away from shopping in person and makes them opt for online stores instead is lengthy queueing. No one likes waiting in line, but according to surveys, self-checkout technology is less than satisfactory most of the time. There are various ways to improve customer experience and make sure they don’t simply walk out when they see the queue to the cashier. Offering a variety of purchase, payment, and pickup options can greatly facilitate this process and boost your sales. For instance, allow your customers to shop online and pick up their purchase at your store, or make your sales associates into mobile cashiers.

Boost the shopping experience with an app

On the internet, it’s easy to give your customers additional information about products, present them your exclusive offers, and recommend them items they might like based on their shopping history. However, it’s not impossible to do so in a brick-and-mortar boutique either. Some retailers have already developed their own apps that not only increase conversions but also contribute to customer loyalty. Offer coupons and discounts through your app that people will be able to use when they enter your store. Change up your offers often to have them coming back time and time again. A designated app could also be used to scan items in-store and make the overall shopping experience more streamlined.

Improve your inventory management

Poor inventory management is often an obstacle between the customer and a successful purchase. Investing in an electronic inventory control system not only allows you to keep better track of your inventory but also improves customer satisfaction. In addition, intelligent systems like these provide you with forecasts and more accurate information about your inventory, and are even a great time-saver for your staff. Once again, mobile applications are a good way to implement this. Allowing your staff to always have an access to inventory information and answer customers’ questions without having to contact a third party or go to the stock room is a game-changer in retail.

The power of the internet

The internet is, without doubt, one of those tech developments that has changed the shopping scene forever. Today, you can get wholesale formal dresses for your inventory with the click of a button, but you can also utilize the power of the internet to boost the sales of your boutique. For instance, social media provides a great aid to businesses in their marketing efforts. Social media-savvy businesses have no problem boosting their sales with little monetary investment in digital marketing. All you need to do is learn about the platform and post unique content consistently. Share your special offers and discounts and get your followers to your store with a well-timed Instagram post!

A solid website is a must

In 2021, no business can go without a website, and a highly functional one at that. Brick-and-mortar boutiques can also benefit from an online presence that places them on the map and draws in more and more customers this way. Making your website look professional is a must; a poorly optimized website that takes even just a few seconds too long to load or is not mobile-friendly will turn away potential customers in the blink of an eye. An enticing website that becomes your audience’s number one source of information regarding industry topics, on the other hand, will allow you to increase your credibility and sales numbers.

Suggesting add-ons with tech

As we already mentioned, the digital environment greatly facilitates cross-selling. You can recommend related products to your customers based on their purchase history and bump up their carts. There are ways to leverage this strategy in-store as well. For instance, beacon technologies can be implemented for such purposes perfectly. With the help of Bluetooth technology, customers can receive personalized offers straight to their phones while they are browsing in-store. 

Mirrors of the future

Another innovative way boutiques can recommend add-ons to customers is through their fitting room mirrors. Interactive mirrors are popping up more and more frequently and are closing the gap between the online and the in-store shopping experience. As already seen in the stores of retail giants such as Puma, mirrors are now capable of more than just reflecting the customer’s image. You can use them to display information about the particular product the customer is trying on, suggest additional items they might be interested in, allow them to try on clothing pieces virtually, and even save their preferences for future reference. 


A higher level of technology in your boutique will allow customers to have a more seamless shopping experience, resulting in higher-priced purchases. Today, investing in technology is not an option; it’s a prerequisite for businesses that want to stand the test of time.

Guest article written by: Maggie Holmes is a passionate blog writer who is extremely keen on writing about fashion, lifestyle, technology and business. Her exclusive hobby is to surf the net to find amazing articles that can inspire her with some fresh ideas for article writing. She loathes being a common person who wastes her time. Follow her on Twitter.

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