TikTok Marketing Strategy – An Ultimate Guide For Businesses To Reach 200% Success

TikTok is a fully fledged social media marketing tool for brands and businesses to gain popularity. With more than 869 million monthly active users, TikTok is the world’s fastest growing social network. 

Many brands and companies are using this opportunity to increase their brand presence with a million new audience. In recent years, TikTok won the hearts of global audiences and took a Strome by gaining 2 billion app downloads. 

Compared with other social media sites, TikTok has a higher engagement rate, encouraging brands and businesses to promote their product on TikTok. 

Additionally, 69% of TikTok users are the younger generation, so if your target audience is young, TikTok is the perfect place to grow your brand personality. Here are some effective TikTok marketing strategies to land success for your business. 

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#1. Set A Right objective 

The first step before stepping into TikTok you should be clear with your goal to achieve Success for your business. The objectives may differ for each business, so find the best one and move your brands toward Success. Here are some objectives that may fit your brands.

  • To find a target audience
  • Increase followers count
  • Boost engagement rate
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Reach high sales conversion and traffic 

Creating content that fits your audience is a successful way to boost your brand personality. When you are clear with your goal, the content creation becomes simple on TikTok. 

#2. Gain Exposure Through Your TikTok Videos

On TikTok, the content plays a significant role in improving your brand personality. Think creatively and know your audience’s interest to gain maximum engagement for your business. Tap the TikTok “For You” page to know the trending content and use them in your video to boost engagement rate. 

Always use the trending songs and soundtracks in your video to grab new followers on TikTok and increase your brand engagement. Share unique content and boost your followers to perform some action on your videos. 

It will increase your video engagement rate, and the TikTok algorithm pushes your content on the FYP to boost your brand exposure with a wider audience. 

#3. Use Trending Hashtags

In any social media platform, using hashtags is the essential way to increase your brand visibility. Use relevant hashtags in your content to reach your target audience among millions of people. Using irrelevant hashtags in your content will make your existing followers unfollow your account. 

Use the discover tab on TikTok to find the best hashtag for your videos. In the search bar, type the related keyword and get a list of trending hashtags based on your search. 

TikTok allows you to add 22 hashtags in your video description but using six to eight hashtags will make your video attractive to your audience. 

#4. Share Educational Videos

People may think TikTok is only for entertainment purposes. But many TikTokers are learning lots of new things on this platform. Use TikTok to share tutorial videos to promote your brands and create trust among your potential customers.  

Explain the good features of your brands creatively to grab the attention of a wider audience. Your video should tend your audience to buy your products or services. Share a video series by telling a story about your business to retain your audience on your page.

Additionally, get reviews from your audience and ask them to share a video with your products to build a strong trust among the global audience. 

#5. Post User Generated Content 

Sharing user generated content is the best way to lead your brand success on TikTok. As a business, you will have a loyal following on TikTok, approach, and encourage them to share a short video about the experience of your brand usage. 

Usually, people believe in others’ content on any social media platform, so UGC blinks to your TikTok page. It will drive more engagement for your brand or business. 

Additionally, posting UGC will help you to find your target audience on TikTok. Share more user generated content and increase your brand popularity among a wider audience. Without spending money, your brand gains more sales and conversions. 

#6. Frequently Post TikTok Videos

Posting videos frequently will make your audience ming fresh about your brand or services. When your posts are often displayed on TikTok, your audience will tend to check your products. 

Make a content calendar to schedule your video accordingly. Consistency and frequency are the two main features to gain Success on TikTok. Create original videos on TikTok to gain massive popularity. 

Before posting a video, make sure about the audio clarity, video background, and lighting. These are the essential things to make a viral video on TikTok. 

#7. Invest in TikTok Advertising 

TikTok has a huge advertising platform that allows brands, businesses, and influencers to find a large user base. Additionally, ads help you to reach your target audience in a short period. 

Investing money in TikTok will give a good result for your business. Here are some ads that take your business to reach the right audience. 

Top View Ads

These are full screen ads that display after 3 seconds when the user opens the application. It has an autoplay option and displays for 60 seconds.

Infeed ads

These ads appear on the “For You” page like a regular TikTok post. It also has an autoplay option, and you can add a link to your website. 

Brand Takeover Ads

These are the same as top view ads, but brand takeover ads appear once the user opens the app. It allows the brand to add images, video, Gifs, and CTA to a landing page. 

Branded effects

These ads allow users to create ads with effects, filters, 2D and 3D lenses. It attracts users to engage with your content in a fun and engaging way. 

#8. Cross-Promote Your Content On Other Sites

We all come across different social media platforms of the same brand, and their TikTok videos will appear on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Yes, it is called video cross promotion. Posting your video on other social channels is an effective way to make your brand famous. 

When your TikTok content is on other sites, you will receive more likes, views, and followers to your account. Create engaging content and boost your followers to watch your video without any compulsion. 

Since TikTok is a 15-second video, you can post it on Instagram stories, Reels, and Facebook without any editing to increase your exposure. 

Wrapping Up 

Start your TikTok marketing with the right strategy to land success for your business. Post creative content to boost the engagement rate of your business. Look at the above eight marketing strategies to grow your business exponentially among a massive audience. 

Guest article written by: Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on Twitter.com.

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