Top 10 Ways to Promote Mobile Application and Get More Users

As of the first quarter of 2021, countless mobile applications are available: over three million Android and two million iOs apps. This is a testament to the fact that the app market’s growth isn’t going to stop any time soon. Due to this, competition for users is at its peak. This is a challenge that app developers and marketers continue to face.

If you’re looking for ways to get more users for your app, here are ten excellent methods for mobile application promotion:

1.  App Store Optimization (ASO)

This is the SEO of mobile applications. Mobile users spend their time on app store searches to explore and browse for new apps. ASO is a promotional or marketing strategy that improves an app’s visibility within app stores and increases conversion rates. It’s an excellent way to improve discoverability in an oversaturated app market. 

To accomplish a successful ASO, focus on optimizing your app description, which includes:

  • App name – Ensure it’s unique or catchy and easy to find.
  • Description – Clearly express your app’s value in the description. Be sure to update it with app updates and notes frequently.
  • Videos/Screenshots – Include helpful screenshots and video tutorials of how to use the app. These affect the first impressions of mobile users, so ensure that they’re easy to understand and professional at the same time.
  • Keywords – Include natural and organic keywords but avoid keyword stuffing. 

Additionally, try these techniques or strategies:

  • Update or change the description every season of the year.
  • Make sure your app is listed under the correct category.
  • Don’t forget to monitor the ASO performance indicators such as user feedback, mobile growth, conversion rates, visibility, and monetization.

2.  Acquire Positive Reviews

The best way to get your app downloaded is to have positive reviews and high ratings from your previous and loyal users. Keywords in reviews can also increase and improve ASO. However, it’s common for many users not to leave reviews, especially when they’re not experiencing any issues with the app. 

You have to ask your users to leave positive reviews, but you don’t want to disturb them and act unprofessionally. Consider these two critical factors: 

  • Presentation of a review request – Never interrupt users. Clearly determine when and where to send a review request. For example, if your app is for ordering food, you can ask for a review right after delivering the food, and the user receives it. The exact time and date are necessary too.
  • Request Content – When asking for a review, ask first if the user likes the app. This way, you can get valuable feedback. If they say yes, that’s when you can ask for them to leave a rating and a review. If they give you low ratings and bad reviews, you can ask the reason.

3.  Utilize Social Media

Social media networks are probably the most prominent stage to promote your app. There are two primary ways you can utilize social media:

  • Paid – Many big social media channels, like Facebook, offer paid app campaigns. Paid ad campaigns are done through call-to-action ads. These are clickable ads that will lead directly to your app store listing when clicked. For this method, payment usually comes in terms of CPC or cost per click.
  • Organic – This simply means that you need to have a social media presence or account, like a Facebook page or an Instagram profile. Create a social media account and follow your target audience. However, when posting, don’t overfeed your followers with promotional content. Try to connect to them in a creative and meaningful way.

4.  Improve Your Website

Aside from having social media accounts or pages, having your own website is another way to have an online presence. This is to prove your app’s legitimacy. On your website, make sure that necessary details about your app are present— campaign for your app on your whole website..

5.  Email Marketing

This is a widely used method since, with email marketing, you get to campaign or promote your app on a one-on-one basis. Email marketing is when you send promotional messages to the users on your email list. This way, they can be updated about new products, offers, and discounts.


When email marketing, you can add clickable links so email owners will be directed to your listing or site. Email marketing helps people be aware of your brand and you get engagement with them as well.

6.  Partner With Influencers

Influencer marketing is now a thing. This involves product or app promotion through a famous influencer. Choose someone who’s taken seriously by their audience and has a lot of followers. Most influencers interact on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube,

Additionally, ensure that the influencer and their audience align with your target audience. You can even make these influencers brand ambassadors so that your brand will directly reach your target audience.

7.  Offer a Demo

If your app is a paid app, try offering a free version or a demo to users. This is a “play before pay” strategy used mainly by games. For example, you publish a free app and let the users use it before encouraging them to pay for more features. This way, they get to experience and enjoy the app first.

8.  Promote Through Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is also an effective way to reach more audiences. Start with your family, relatives, and friends first. Consider those whom you think will enjoy using your app. Since you’re close with them, it’s highly possible that they’ll be willing to help try and promote your app. Since they know other people, they can spread word of mouth about your app and encourage others to try it as well.

9.  Make a Blog

Place a blog section on your app’s website. You can integrate SEO in this method so that people looking for a similar topic end up on your website. You can focus on writing about your app’s features and the constant updates being made. Additionally, you can also write about how you solved or fixed the problems and issues with your app. This will help show your audience that you’re serious about your app and that it is legit.

10.  Set Up a Referral Program

Many applications use this method, especially paying apps. This is also related to word of mouth. Many users under referral programs post on social media sites about these kinds of apps. Since referral programs come with rewards, people are eager and enthusiastic in sharing and promoting the app, which results in your app reaching a larger audience.

Importance of App User Acquisition

The strategies above are essential for user acquisition, and user acquisition is important because it has many benefits, such as the following:

  • Proving customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing the number of users.
  • Increasing engagement with active users.
  • Growing and developing your business. 


You need to promote the app you made if you want your business to grow. However, with the increasing competition in the industry, you need to be smart about it. That’s why it’s crucial to have a strategy you’ll follow and stick to. Rest assured that the methods above are good and proven strategies.

Guest article written by: Marques is a contributing writer at – the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform. He is a proud LGBTQ+ activist, as well as a researcher on human rights violations. Marques has a passion for writing about relationships and queer issues. 

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