Top Frameworks for Hybrid Mobile App Development

The world is now controlled by information and technology wherein the people need to have leads of data at the ready for when they need it. For this reason, companies have decided to shift internet sites to mobile applications that people have easy access to. There are different types of hybrid app development india frameworks used by software companies. Some of the top frameworks have been mentioned below:

Intel XDK:

Intel is one of the engines that has birthed quite a lot of remarkable apps and therefore has been one of the originators of hybrid app development india. This engine can correspond to various operational systems and is convenient for the users with its easy functions. The founders of Intel have been in a constant engagement to keep improving it to make it compatible with the latest technology and this has worked in its favor. The engine has a toolkit that helps developers with hybrid app development and whatever they require for the process. Before the work is completed, the developers can have a look at the individual items.


Ionic uses the core technology of Cascading Style Sheets and works best when CSS is used in combination with AngularJS. It is excellent in terms of reliability because the programming languages used are tested. Ionic makes developing an app a brisk process, which finally benefits the user as they do not have to use extra actions. As mentioned above, when used with AngularJS, Ionic can create exceedingly complicated applications as well. However, the down side to Ionic is that while Angular JS is quite efficient, without its assistance, Ionic cannot be used to create complex apps and could cause inconvenience to developers.


PhoneGap as an engine used in hybrid app development india, is one of the best ones for the developers who are new and want to learn more. This programming interface can be installed and used for free and the engine issues guidelines to help the developers in their very first project to give them an idea of how the engine works and ease them in. This framework can be used with the knowledge of JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets and therefore suits new developers well. The engine does not require multi-platform validation as the developers can use Application Programming Interface. The engine is compatible with all smartphones and laptops.

Onsen UI:

This framework can be accessed with ease as it has been made available to the public. Onsen focuses on the convenience of the developers working on it to create hybrid applications. The framework provides the users with a set of instructions detailing the steps to be taken for the simplest of projects to the creation of complex and difficult ones. This framework helps the developers to take their skills and knowledge to the next level and elevate the level of their projects. Onsen is light on the pocket and is used by a horde of app developers looking to increase their knowledge by working on interesting projects regularly. The features provided to the developers too are advanced and help them create app elements in a systematic manner.


Xamarin has been given pretty good reviews from developers who prefer working on it and has a lot of followers who are impressed with its features. There are a lot of business organizations that take the assistance of Xamarin as it can help in hybrid app development in an easy manner wherein minimal efforts are required from developers. This framework is ideal for the creation of applications that can be run around the globe on different devices without compromising the original structure and design of the application. This framework works with Microsoft, as the organization provides advanced features and tools for the developers to work with. However, the biggest downside for the framework is that it charges customers for the license, which is why new developers avoid it completely.

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