How to Set up Servers and IT Equipment the Right Way

In this day and age, cloud-based technology is all the rage. Most businesses are ditching servers and other hardware devices and gearing toward software completely. However, many businesses still find IT equipment to be a lot more reliable than cloud computing resources. 

Simply put, servers and network equipment streamline the digital processes in businesses, particularly large ones.

But no matter how high the quality of your servers is, they won’t be complete without server racks or server cabinets. These pieces of IT furniture are specially designed to organize and store network devices safely and securely. They can even provide your equipment with protection from damage or even theft. 

Server Racks Vs. Server Cabinets

Server racks come with an open frame design, which allows proper airflow and thus prevents equipment from overheating. Plus, because of their open-frame design, they let users easily access the backs of their servers and other network equipment. Compared to server cabinets, they typically are cheaper, making them a popular choice among IT technicians.

If your server room doesn’t have enough space for an extra piece of furniture, many IT furniture suppliers offer a solution: wall mount server racks. This type of server rack is designed to raise rackmount equipment above the floor and in turn, saves floor space. 

For added security, you might want to consider getting server cabinets with locks. IT technicians store their equipment in these cabinets to prevent thieves from stealing expensive servers. Some users also like how enclosed server cabinets provide their devices with extra protection against damage. 

Organizing Cables Is a Must

No matter how tedious it might sound, keeping cables neat and organized is an indispensable task when working with servers. Not only can it keep your workspace clutter-free but also prevent hazards like trips and falls.

Some server racks and cabinets already come with built-in cable panels. Of course, you can also buy separate cable managers with cable ties to organize your equipment’s electrical wires.

Another thing that the task of organizing cables entails is labeling cables. Doing so can make it easy for IT technicians to connect each cable to the right device. In other words, labeling cables can increase efficiency and eliminate any costly and hazardous mistakes.

Fans and Airflow

When you’re planning to set up servers for your business, another thing that you must consider is proper airflow. That said, you have to invest in the best cooling equipment for your servers. 

This investment will prove itself to be practical since IT devices are prone to overheating. When they do overheat, chances are they won’t function properly, and they might even break down altogether.

You might want to also look into hot aisle/cold aisle layout before you organize your server racks or cabinets. This kind of server layout design can save you energy and cooling costs by efficiently managing airflow, especially in the long run.

With the right pieces of IT furniture, your servers and other devices will, without a doubt, last for a long time. 

Guest article written by: Marie Salazar is a computer geek and a writer at the same time. During her free time, she likes to resist the stereotype of computer nerds and goes outdoors whenever possible.

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