6 Effective Tips to Write Engaging Product Descriptions


Your product descriptions are the first thing a potential customer sees when they land on your page, so it’s important that they’re enticing and engaging. The right product description can give you an edge in the marketplace, helping you stand out from competitors. Appealing product descriptions leads to more sales and conversions for your ecommerce store. Here are some powerful tips to help you write engaging product descriptions:

Infuse Some Storytelling

A story is a good way to engage the reader and get them interested in your product.

  • Use a story to describe your product: “Our users say…” is not enough! You need some context, so start with an anecdote about a user or customer who has used this type of product before and how they liked it. For example, “Our customers like our app because…”


  • Describe the benefits of your product: You could also use stories like these as examples of why people should buy into your idea (or at least consider buying). If you’re selling software-as-a-service products such as web hosting services or CRM solutions, then try describing how they help companies save time by automating repetitive tasks so that employees can focus more on what matters most: growth strategies for business expansion instead of day-to-day operations management tasks like payroll processing etc..

Include a Strong Call to Action

A call to action is a word or phrase that tells your reader what they should do next. It’s often used in emails, but can also be used on the website itself.

In your product description, here are three ways you can use a call to action:

  • Include visual cues for calls to action that are easy to see and understand (for example: “Add this feature now!”). This kind of cue doesn’t have any additional writing or paragraphs—it’s just an image or graphic that says “add me.” If there’s room left on the page after including all of these features and benefits, then use this space for more details about why customers should buy from you instead of someone else.
  • Use text-based links below images/graphics (for example: “Click here”). These links are usually written as blue text with white background; however, they can also be grayed out if they’re meant only as clickable links rather than visible buttons like those shown above this paragraph). This makes it easy for people who don’t speak English well enough yet still want access through their browsers’ address bar while reading through site content!

Use the Right Words

  • Use action words. Action words are short, simple and to-the-point. They can be used in place of adjectives and nouns that describe the product or its benefits.


  • Use words that describe the product. A good description should include all of the necessary information needed to understand what you’re writing about and make a purchase decision on your website or social media channels (e.g., “The best selling weight loss supplements in America” vs “The best selling weight loss supplement.”).

Describe Your Product and Its Benefits

When describing your product, it’s important to focus on the benefits of it rather than its features. How does your product make people’s lives easier? What are its strengths and weaknesses, so that customers can decide whether or not they want to use it?

You should also use a conversational tone when speaking about your product. This is because people are more likely to remember what you say if they feel like they’re talking directly with you rather than reading off a screen or screenwriter’s script.

Make Sure It’s SEO Friendly

Make sure your product description is SEO friendly by using the right keywords. Create your website on a search friendly ecommerce builder platform such as Shopify or wix or squarespace. It will help you a lot in ranking your products and getting organic leads.

The first thing you need to do is find out what your competitors are doing and then follow suit, or even go beyond that!

You should also be descriptive in your product description. This means not just saying “we make this” but explaining why it’s better than other things on the market and how it will benefit users of your product (or service).

Write appealing product descriptions

Your product description should be engaging. It’s a chance to tell the story of why your product is unique, who it’s for and how it makes their life easier.

  • Use storytelling: Stories are a great way to engage your audience and tell them about what you’re offering in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or complicated.


  • Use strong calls-to-action: Make sure the call-to-action button on top of each page is clear, descriptive and easy for customers to click on (and not just “buy now”). For example: “Buy now” vs “Sign up”.


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