How to Edit Photos to Boost Your eCommerce Revenue


E-commerce is a very competitive sector. Businesses have to overcome many challenges to make their position in this realm. In this competition, some retailers get dropped out as they need help generating the desired sales. It occurs due to the need for their understanding of this sector. They need to create a data-driven marketing strategy to increase the conversion rate. If you visit their online stores, you will see the photos at the bottom of their priority list. They do everything for eCommerce marketing but with low-quality product photos. That’sThat’s why the photoshop photo editing service has become an integral part of the eCommerce business.

ECommerce retailers utilize different image editing methods and create eye-catching product photos. Thus, a customer can get the best product viewing experience, which makes the brand stand out in this competitive universe. However, it is essential to have a firm knowledge of photo editing methods and how to create compatible eCommerce photos.

And this is what you are going to learn in this article. I have provided nine easy but effective methods that professional photo editors apply for eCommerce image editing. So, without further ado, let’s start. 

Effective eCommerce photo editing solution to boost your revenue

E-commerce businesses require explicit photos to attract viewers. Also, it is important to comply with the eCommerce website’s rules. Following image editing methods can help you in this situation. 

Remove distractions and highlight the product

The purpose of using product photographs is to draw the customers’ attention to the product, not anything else. That’sThat’s why the compelling picture is the one that has the entire focus on the development, so the customers can easily see what you are selling. On the other hand, if the photo looks noisy, the viewer will scroll down and move to the alternatives. 

Now, how can you remove the distraction and highlight the product in the photo? The answers depend on the noise of the image. However, the universal rule of eliminating distractions is using a white background to display the product. A white background also highlights the products, making them focused and precise. 

Thus, professional photographers improve the quality of raw product photos. Also, this single change can make the product more appealing and impact the brand-building process. The top eCommerce companies like Amazon and eBay prefer a white background for the product photo. You can consult a professional editor or clipping path services provider apply professional background-removing methods such as the clipping path or image masking. So, a professional background removal service can boost sales. 

Photo Measurement

Your goods should take up the bulk of the space in the frame. This is both an Amazon mandate and an eCommerce recommended practice. Filling the frame helps consumers, regardless of device, to have a better view of the product without zooming, squinting, or clicking. While zoom functionality is helpful, you must present enough detail to entice the user to click through.

Perfectly shaped photos are ideal for potential clients who want to zoom in for more information. However, the perfect product photos with the correct form maintain the outstanding product appeal that attracts clients and encourages them to purchase. So, if you want to be a prosperous eCommerce goods seller, employ the best-looking product photos.

Color Correction

Color correction is inevitable for an eCommerce photo. Color correction is simply the process of fixing the color issue of the image. The product photos have to be well-colorized to show the details of the products perfectly. It is also necessary to create a particular effect in the picture. Color correction can also save time and money for eCommerce entrepreneurs. You must shoot a product once and use this method to change the color. 

Product photographs with excellent color increase the appeal of your product image and, as a result, optimize your revenue. As a result, your pictures must be vibrant in terms of color. The product photographs may not be perfectly colored due to various factors such as the surroundings, camera settings, amateur shutterbug, etc. We propose that you use Photoshop’s color-correcting service.

Remove Unwanted Objects 

Sometimes the image backdrop is OK, and you want to keep it, but there are certain elements you despise and feel the need to remove. Perhaps the items are interfering with the overall fairness of the goods, and you believe the visual quality needs to be improved. However, you may eliminate background objects and increase the quality of your product images by using a background removal service.

The image editing staff will remove any undesired things or replace them with other objects from your product photographs as you want. Beautiful product images increase the salability of the items threefold, allowing your firm to be lucrative.

Shadow Creation

Photoshop shadow generation is essential for creating a realistic product presentation. Your goods will appear floating and strange without a good shadow. However, if a good shadow is applied, it seems natural. Not only should the backdrop be removed and replaced with a white background, but shadows are also helpful.  

You may use several sorts of shadow, such as drop shadow, reflection shadow, transparent shadow, translucent shadow, natural shadow, and so on. Your merchandise will necessitate the required shadow. Shadows will offer your merchandise context and enhance the image’simage’s appeal. Making a product picture believable will capture the attention of buyers, resulting in increased sales and profits.

3D Modeling

3D modeling is the most effective solution for eCommerce product displaying. It helps to cast the full details in the photo that look so tempting and attractive. You can utilize 3D modeling for almost every type of product. Thus, you can give a complete viewing experience to the customer. Therefore, they can decide whether the product fits them or not. 

3D modeling also influences purchasing decisions. It helps to build credibility by creating high-quality photos. And you have to put some extra effort into making your position in this competitive realm; here, 3D modeling can be that extra effort to build your company a brand.

Ghost Mannequin 

Ghost mannequin service is the best product displaying solution for the apparel business. It has a significant impact on the sales of apparel products. Moreover, professional editors remove the mannequin parts from the photo and create an invisible mannequin effect. 

It looks like an invisible mannequin has worn the cloth. It improves the quality of the product. And your product photo work as the online representative of your business. And ghost mannequin service allows eCommerce retailers to create a unique style for their brands.

Creative Graphic Designs

Marketing and advertising enhance every firm, digital or traditional. Even thriving businesses may need promotional initiatives to stay caught up. Though it’s hard for startups to keep up with rivals’ promotional efforts, if you’re good with digital promotional materials, go ahead. 

Use corporate identities like visiting cards, banners, logos, posters, flyers, product brochures, Infographics, and more. These marketing and advertising tools will reveal company prospects. Use these digital tools to increase your eCommerce company.

Cull the Product Photos to Edit

Customers will only have adequate information if there are enough product photographs. However, they could feel overloaded with information if they have too much. The secret is finding the ideal quantity to cull or choose.

Our examination of 25 leading companies revealed that the ideal number of product photos is three to five. Particularly for fashion firms, you’ll need at least three images: one of the product’s front, rear, and details.


You have to edit the photos to generate sales from your eCommerce business. The more beautiful the images, the more the chance of getting the desired revenue. However, photo editing is time-consuming and requires much experience to create the selected photos. In this regard, you should hire an expert photo editor for your company. Photo editing agencies like the Clipping World are capable of delivering 10000 images in a day. Visit their website to find the best service for your eCommerce business. 


What function does image editing have in a business?

High-end image editing services may assist you in meeting your company’s goal. It is a tactic for increasing the conversion rate. 

What exactly is internet photo editing?

Images for e-commerce must be eye-catching and appealing. The photographer needs help to supply adequate photos. As a consequence, image editing is critical to producing the best images.

Do product photos have to be edited?

You must employ concise photos if you want a quick reaction in your eCommerce firm. Your incomplete image may benefit from modification.