10 Best Online Ticketing Software of 2022

Helpdesk management software should be nothing less than incredible in the way that helps your employees work efficiently. Sluggish services frustrate customers and put a lot of stress on your teams. If you are using a system that is not getting you the desired result or if you do not have a helpdesk management software in place, it is time to choose the right one for your organization. It is time that your support team has the required tools they need to ensure a rapid response to any type of request.

Helpdesk management software is designed to provide a customer with support regarding a brand’s products or services. Customer can typically submit their queries through multiple channels, including email, phone, or social media. Helpdesk software enables support teams to: 

  • Organize and respond to customer queries
  • Streamline a standardized process
  • Maintain the overall ticket timeline
  • Work on analytics to improve customer engagement
  • Provide support on all communication channels

Online ticketing software may contain additional functionalities like self-service, social customer service integrations, or live chat modules. These capabilities can help businesses improve their complete customer service experience. In order to strictly concentrate on customer experience, a helpdesk management software must qualify the following inclusions:

  • It should be able to organize external customer queries into tickets for support executives. 
  • Aggregate customer queries from emails and any other communication channel.
  • Assign tickets to support executives automatically.

Apart from this, there are several factors to consider while selecting the right helpdesk management software for your business. In this article, we’re going to talk about ten helpdesk software options to look forward to in 2022. We’ll talk about different products that are built to serve different types of customer support and cater to different types of industry niches. 

By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly which helpdesk management software is right for you. Let’s get started:

#1 DeskXpand
#2 OsTicket
#3 Kayako
#4 UserResponse
#5 Liveagent
#6 Uvdesk
#7 Jitbit
#8 Helpcrunch
#9 Cayzu
#10 ProProfs Help Desk 

#1 DeskXpand

DeskXpand is a next-gen, automated, omnichannel helpdesk software that caters to all types of businesses, from small to large. It helps brands:

  • Reduce support costs
  • Reduce laborious tasks 
  • Reduce redundant data-entry tasks 

DeskXpand empowers teams with built-in and extensive ticketing functionalities. Here are some prominent features of DeskXpand:

Prominent Features

I. Ticketing Features: DeskXpand lets you group, sort, and filter incoming inquiries by using filter combinations through the helpdesk. It comes with advanced features like ticket importing, ticket assignment (automated based on various parameters like a priority, etc.,) ticket notifications, etc.

II. Shared Inbox: DeskXpand’s shared inbox lets you manage customer requests, tickets, and suggestions. It helps brands improve team accountability, transparency, and communication.

III. Unified Interface: Brand managers can view everything from one place through a unified dashboard and guide their teams accordingly.

IV. Omnichannel Support: It lets you engage with your customers across multiple channels of their choice. Through omnichannel helpdesk, you can set up workflows across email, phone, social media, etc., and manage them all from a single place.

V. Dynamic Timers

Dynamic timers will help you measure your ticket’s time and configure your processes in various stages. It helps you enable automatic hierarchical escalations, set SLAs, and enforce issue prioritization.

VI. Automation

DeskXpand comes with automation functionalities like:

  • Automatic ticket conversion
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Ticket import
  • Service level agreements 
  • Merge similar tickets

VII. Third-Party Integrations: Consolidate all your support tools through a single interface. DeskXpand integrates with:

  • ECommerce stores like Shopify and Magento.
  • Project management tools like Trello and Jira. 
  • Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Survey tools like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms.

VIII. Analyze and Improve: Measure team performance, support metrics, customer feedback, and so on to analyze the areas of improvement.

IX. Extensive Self-help Knowledge Base: DeskXpand comes with extensive self-help features like a knowledge base, FAQs, video tutorials, how-to guides, and so on.

Who Uses DeskXpand?

DeskXpand caters to everyone from small businesses to enterprise-level businesses. It caters to business niches like: 

  • Retail industry
  • Ecommerce industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Software & IT
  • Education 
  • Manufacturing

#2 OsTicket

OsTicket is an open-source helpdesk ticket software that offers asset and ticket management within a suite. It is a cloud-based system and is best suited for SMBs.

Its built-in portal allows end-customers to submit tickets and track the status of their queries. The “auto-assign” feature routes tickets automatically to a relevant team or agent. Its interactive dashboard and reporting capabilities help you gain complete visibility into helpdesk operations. Eventually, this helps you make effective decisions regarding staffing levels and ticket handling procedures.

Feature Insight: 

  • Task management with advanced search
  • Custom fields
  • Service level agreements
  • Thread action
  • Ticket assign, transfer, & referral
  • Collision detection
  • Help topics
  • Ticket filters
  • Custom Columns and Queues


  • Open-source, customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-user friendly
  • Intuitive and easy to customize
  • Allows self-hosting


  • First-time installation may take time. 
  • It takes longer to understand and get used to its interface.

#3 Kayako

One of the prominent features of Kayako includes a built-in live chat software. They provide live chat software and helpdesk ticket software to help you with your customer support success. Live chat tool enables brands to provide engaging real-time experiences to customers 24/7. Brands can manage all communication channels from a single dashboard. It is also simple to customize the live chat software and integrate it into your website, iOS, and Android apps.

Feature Insight:

  • Multi-channel conversation
  • Live chat
  • Knowledge base


  • Kayako’s monthly plans are also quite affordable (especially for small businesses.)


  • Kayako doesn’t come up with frequent updates, so bugs can take months to resolve.

Who Uses Kayako?

Kayako is the best fit for SMBs looking for a fully integrated cloud-hosted helpdesk. The best part about using Kayako is that you can set up your systems instantly and start supporting customers immediately.

#4 UseResponse

UseResponse is helpdesk management and feedback suite. It combines the capabilities and functionalities of an omnichannel ticketing center, feedback community forum, live chat, and self-service features like a knowledge base. It offers customization and can be used as SaaS & self-hosted solutions. It offers full customization, a predefined set of automation in notifications, ticket rules, email templates that allow using the system within minutes. You can use it as:

  • Feedback software
  • Knowledge base software
  • Helpdesk software
  • Live chat software with messengers

Feature Insight

  • It offers 10+ communication channels (including email, social media, live chat, community forum, messengers)
  • Automated system for notifications & assignments
  • Service level agreements 
  • Satisfaction rating tracking
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Easy integrations
  • It is fully scalable and customizable. 


  • Frequent updates
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent support team for quick technical resolutions


  • The admin console may get a little bit challenging to navigate.

#5 Liveagent Helpdesk

Liveagent helpdesk ticket software claims to be the fastest chat widget in the market. Yet, it helps you bring personalization to your customer interactions. Some of the features involve:

  • Universal inbox
  • Real-time live chat
  • Built-in knowledge management
  • Custom Forms
  • Live chat
  • Ticket system

Liveagent helpdesk ticket software comes with over 175+ helpdesk features and 40+ integrations. It helps users handle emails, ticket systems, and everything through a single interface. This makes life so much easier for brand managers as they can have a bird’s eye view of the entire support. Businesses can customize the look of their custom pages and chat as well. It also lets you connect the helpdesk with your brand’s social media pages and collect support queries from there.


  • Keeps live chat on the website (the status shows online) without logging in every single time.
  • Works best for in-team collaboration


  • Limited theme option

#6 Uvdesk

UVdesk is a cloud-based support management system. It is also available as an open-source solution. It consists of features like:

  • Reporting
  • Ticket management
  • Email collaboration
  • Knowledge base management
  • Tracking and resolving issues
  • Alerts / Escalation
  • Automated Routing
  • Document Storage
  • Email Management
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Remote Access/Control
  • Reporting/Analytics


  • Value for money
  • Advanced features and easy to implement
  • Ticket reassignment to balance the workflow


  • Error messages are not clear. The message doesn’t describe the error type, nor does it show a general error notification. This may result in you getting stuck figuring out problems instead of solving them for your customers. 

Who Uses Uvdesk

UVdesk is used in various industries like real-estate, hospitality, e-commerce, insurance, etc. It is an excellent tool for SMBs for lending support to their users.

#7 Jitbit

Jitbit, a helpdesk ticket software, is an excellent support ticketing system that offers both SaaS and “on-premise” versions at a reasonable price. It comes with a mobile app, and powerful integrations along with multiple features like:

  • Knowledge base
  • File attachments
  • Email integration
  • Live updates
  • Agent collision detection


  • Features like canned responses, automated ticket routing, etc., allow you to provide quick and practical support. 


  • The mobile helpdesk app doesn’t work well as the web platform. 

#8 HelpCrunch

Helpcrunch provides a customizable live chat widget for customer engagement and data acquisition. It helps brands reach out to their customers proactively through automated personalized chats. 

It integrates with third-party products to track custom data specific to their business niche. It helps with monitoring user behavior and targets them with auto-messages too. Support executives can send follow-ups directly from the chat window. 

HelpCrunch allows you to search, merge, assign, transfer, close, and re-open chats. It lets you set up specialized departments and lets you collect quantifiable customer feedback.

Features Insight

  • Live Chat
  • Auto Messages
  • Email Marketing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Popups
  • Mobile apps


  • Easy-to-understand and clean interface


  • Slow customer support

#9 Cayzu

Cayzu’s helpdesk ticketing system keeps your team together with the modern features that you would expect. It integrates with third-party tools.

Other features include:

  • Automated processes
  • Customized customer experience
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Feedback acquisition 
  • Automated emails/ alerts/ notification
  • Custom rules
  • Self-service features


  • Great value for money
  • Works well with emails and provides frequent updates
  • Agent permission is easy to set up
  • Allows high level of customization


  • UI is outdated and is reminiscent of the 2000s
  • Only a few features are maximized to their full potential

#10 ProProfs HelpDesk 

Proprofs is a popular helpdesk management software hosted on the IBM cloud platform. It comes with powerful shared inbox functionalities that enable you to track, prioritize, assign, and resolve all support tickets in a jiffy. Its automation functionalities let you assign tickets to relevant agents and have automated alerts and notifications. It also offers integrations with a knowledge base and live chat to reduce ticket volume and engage with customers. 

Feature Insight

  • Ticket resolution
  • Canned responses
  • Issue tracking
  • Reporting and analytics

Best Suited For

Proprofs helpdesk management software is best suited for companies of all sizes (from startups to large enterprises.) companies that are into:

  • Marketing
  • Healthcare


  • Its child feature lets you create tickets within the tickets
  • You can get a detailed review of the agent’s performance too


  • It does not allow customized ticket routing. Tickets get assigned to random agents
  • You cannot apply personalization to automated responses. Hence, it may get robotic for the customers

So, these were the top ten prominent helpdesk software that businesses should look forward to while searching for their business niche.

What Helpdesk Would You Choose?

Your online ticketing system will define your customer support and eventually reflect your brand identity. Helpdesk management software is the lynchpin for any organization. So, doing it right is of importance. Brands across the globe are leveraging helpdesk management software. They see it as an essential opportunity to delight their customers and engage with them uniquely. And so should you. If you are a visionary entrepreneur, you’d want to shift from reactive customer support to a proactive one. And only the best helpdesk management software can help you perform this. Make sure that you make an informed decision!

Guest article written by: Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder of DeskXpand, A full-fledged ticket management system that comes with the right tools like ticket management software to provide a seamless and cost-efficient customer experience. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of customer service software.

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