7 Ways to Attract More Guests To Your Hotel In Fall

Peak season is the optimal time for a hotel. As a hotelier, you benefit from strong demand and a surge of visitors. You’re easily able to get 100% hotel occupancy. You must be aware that as seasons change, the occupancy also changes. Every hotelier must cope with yearly seasonal changes as they’re inevitable. 

Seasonality is the term used to describe the concentration of tourism activity during particular times for various reasons. It can be due to holidays, environmental factors, travel preferences, etc. Seasonality causes demand swings that impact a hotel’s workforce, investors, and financial operations.

That means you have to clean the windows a bit more, polish the silver, and take care of all the other minor things that might go unnoticed. It’s time to assess your hotel and make modifications to attract more visitors throughout the year. The moment has come to put improvements into action. You don’t want to end up on Hotel Hell

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Add Seasonal Pricing 

Seasonal pricing entails establishing discount schedules for fall and premium pricing for special occasions. The cost of your rooms fluctuates according to the demand during a given season. If people are looking for a hotel near the beach in the summers, they’ll be looking forward to staying at a hotel that offers pumpkin-spiced iced lattes in the fall. So, invest in a good commercial ice machine and stock up on pumpkin spice and everything nice if you want more visitors.  

In today’s competitive environment, pricing that can be adjusted according to the value that each consumer receives is essential. You should also consider successfully controlling your rates to maintain a competitive advantage over other hotels in the area. This can comprise promoting deals, giving discounted prices during the fall season, and lowering weekly rates.

Implement Loyalty Programs 

For years, hoteliers have used loyalty programs to encourage client loyalty to attract and retain consumers. When people are trying to look for hotels in LA to celebrate 84th Annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, your reward and bonus packages can become more attractive. Whether people want to attend the River Fest or drink their hearts out at Tequila Fest, people will be gathering at your hotel due to the amazing loyalty program.  

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Invoke Emotions 

While discounts and loyalty programs are attractive to the wallet, your hotel also needs a visual aspect to capture the audience. Also, hotel marketers must develop a message that appeals to viewers’ emotions. Ads should appeal to tourists’ desires, whether they are wishes for luxury experiences or comfort. 

Tools like virtual reality can greatly impact this experience. For example, 66% of people who watched a virtual tour of a Carnival cruise ship were thrilled with this experience. Moreover, almost the same percentage said it made them feel “joyful,” and 58% called it “wonderful.” These are actual feelings brought on by a VR encounter, not the kind of feelings one could anticipate from a standard. 

Arrange Events 

Events are a fantastic method to draw people. This can work in your favor as you’ll offer a unique experience. The possibilities for bringing in visitors through events are endless, ranging from organizing customized occasions like a neighborhood food festival to working with local authorities to sponsor a well-attended occasion.

Be sure to include activities for everyone, add apple-picking for people who want something fun to a drinking extravaganza for people who want to sip their vacation away. Get an ice dispenser for rent if you add any drink-related activities to your soiree. 

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Provide Specialized Services

These days, niche products and services are gaining popularity. There are endless choices for customers, but what makes you different? What sets you apart? Do you have balconies wide enough for guests to gather and drink? Do you have a commercial ice machine accessible late at night for guests to get ice whenever needed? Do you have 24/7 customer service?

If yes, great! If not, then you should get right on it! You must think creatively about addressing specific consumer demands and creating an original, engaging customer experience. As a hotelier, your aim should be to market tourism items based on the desires of your customers as well as seasonal characteristics.

There are plenty of guests that are daydreaming about getaways and exciting vacations. You can use your property for various themes. With the Halloween season creeping up, you can decorate your hotel and host a costume competition. 

Think about hosting weddings with unique themes, providing spa and steam room facilities, forest and hiking excursions, vacations focused on sports and activities, or educational tours. Ensure that you’re equipped with all facilities and supplies for all seasons! 

Keep Track Of Your Customer’s Stay Patterns 

Managing your customers’ stay patterns is a successful strategy to boost hotel occupancy. You can impose length-of-stay rules or restrictions to increase occupancy and income. But this doesn’t mean you go overboard. Extra caution must be taken while implementing this—it’s not a good idea to place too many limits on your clients.

Update Hotel Equipment And Supplies

Nobody likes staying in hotels with old sheets, TVs, and other appliances. Your guests should feel like they’ve entered a haven instead of a Victorian mansion (unless that’s your theme). Even then, your equipment should never be outdated, smelly, or broken.

Along with the air conditioners and mini-fridges; commercial ice machines are also something you need to take into consideration. Depending on the size of your hotel and the number of occupants, you might want to purchase more than one ice machine. The ice can be used for more than just liquids; it can also keep food and medications cold and be put in ice coolers to take to hiking. 

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Guest article written by: Suzanne Hicks has been a hotelier for over a decade and understands what a good ice dispenser can do for a hotel. She has previously worked with LA Ice Machine and recommends them.

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