How To Develop A Home Service App Like Housejoy

Do you know why people are searching for a home service app these days a lot? 

Two decades back, people had to go down the streets to find technicians or professionals for home services. And with the advent of smartphone revolution and mobile app disruption, modern consumers have got enhanced accessibility to home-based services. 

HouseJoy, a famous home service mobile app from India is creating a lot of buzz in the industry nowadays due to its benefits and usage in the current scenario. TaskRabbit, UrbanClap, Mrusta, Helpr, and Handly are also top emerging home service-based apps that are making consumers ‘ life easier than ever at their fingertips. Just by tapping on the app, you can get a technician or professional for various local services like home salon service, house washing, plumbing, appliance repair, and more. 

People are loving these apps and using them amazingly in their daily household-related requirements and problems. Therefore, startups and entrepreneurs are focusing on providing solutions to consumers like the HouseJoy app. If you also feel interested to know how to develop a home service app like HouseJoy, read this article as I will tell you how to do it effectively. 

As here we are solely focusing on HouseJoy app, let us exactly understand

What Is HouseJoy?

HouseJoy is a home service mobile application from India that provides day-to-day services related to the household like Salon at Home, AC Maintenance, Washing Machine Repair, Virus Fumigation, plumbing, and many more. This mobile app offers all these services online which people can access from their smartphones. It allows users to book a range of on-demand services at the comfort of home and get access to verified professionals. 

Hot Features of Housejoy That Makes It a Popular On-Demand Service App?

HouseJoy offers a variety of on-demand home services including AC maintenance, Home cleaning, salon at home, plumbing, electrical, pest control, carpentry, packers & movers, and more. These services are very important because they help people in their regular household requirements. HouseJoy app provides modern features that allow people access to multiple services on one platform and get qualified and verified techniques and professions instantly. So when you are developing a mobile app like Housejoy, you should consider the hot features that HouseJoy app holds

Features for Users

  • Simple user profile creation
  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Payment and history of booked services by the user
  • Feedback on service
  • Information about local vendors
  • Option for in-app chat with local vendors
  • Data security and privacy
  • Engaging Ui/UX design
  • Real-time chat facility 
  • Option to get quotes from local vendors
  • Multiple digital payments

Features for Admin (App Owner, means You)

  • Find and verify the locations of local vendors and clients
  • Complete admin control panel
  • Facility for data backup and restore
  • Advanced CMS 
  • Record management system
  • App monetization plan
  • Cloud hosting platform
  • Payment history
  • View the sales and app analytics
  • Global reach
  • facility for ads and promotions

How To Develop A Home Service App Like Housejoy?

1. Define Your Niche

HouseJoy, Urban Clap, TaskRabbit, Helpr are popular home service-based mobile applications. These apps provide a wide range of services such as AC services, electrical, plumbing, virus fumigation, appliances, and more. So when you are planning for on-demand services application development, the first step is to know what your niche is. You should clearly define what services you will give to customers. And based on these services, you will create the architecture. UI/UX design, and other functionality to your app. 

2. Decide The Features of the App

Once you define what services you will provide through your home service mobile application, you need to determine the features of the app. As you are focusing on the HouseJoy app, you must incorporate the common and essential features that make your app useful for users and admin. 

3. Choose the Technology Stack

Choosing the right tech stack is very important in mobile app development. For a home service app, you primarily need to create functionality for three aspects and accordingly, you will need to choose the tech stack to build the features and functionality. 

  • Hosting: AWS, GCP, Azure
  • PHP Framework: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JQuery
  • Database: MySQL, SQL, Nodejs
  • Android development: Android Studio
  • iOS development: Xcode, Swift
  • Front end development: React Native, Flutter
  • Utilities: Google Tag Manager, Google Maps
  • APIs: Google Maps API
  • Real-time Analytics: Google Analytics

4. Choose the Business Model for Your App

HouseJoy has a transparent and dynamic business model. It provides a wide range of home-based services for B2B and B2C customers. HouseJoy allows its users to book any service as per their choice and also through the subscription model. So your app also should have at least two basic business models:

a) Transaction Based Model

This is an aggregator or marketplace selling services that take a certain share of each purchase billed across the site. It enables users to book a variety of services directly from the listed vendors. Customers get benefits from this model because it only costs them why they really need something and vendors only get paid when they are employed.

b) Subscription Based Model

It is the most widely used app monetization model. In this model, users make the payment for a month or a certain period set by the app and allow users to book any listed or defined services under the plan. The best thing about the subscription plan is that it helps the customers that need to hire such services. It alleviates the customer’s pain of searching for and paying for utilities regularly.

7. Develop and Launch

Start the app development process once you have decided everything. Put your app through multiple rounds of tests and make sure it is free from bugs and performs well on every parameter and then launches on the app stores. 


The HouseJoy app looks simple externally but is complex internally. It provides many services therefore you need to build different types of features and functionality that enable users to easily access and book the services. And this type of app focuses on daily-to-day services so you need to ensure it stands out perfectly in terms of speed, performance, and user experience. Therefore, you should find a reliable mobile app development company that can help you build an app like HoueseJoy. 

Guest article written by: Erma Winter is an Android developer at MobileCoderz- a premier mobile application development company that offers state-of-the-art mobile app solutions to ranging industries. She has been developing Android apps for many years and works with different technology experts to build custom business solutions. Apart from her professional life, She loves to spend time with her pets and travel on weekends. 

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