Small Business Challenges: How to Tackle Them and Win the Market

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Running any size of a business is a great task in itself and to run a business successfully, it is important for you to realize the potential it holds. Whatever the size of your business is, it suffers from common challenges that eat up most of your valuable time and demand you to pay close attention to solving them.

Surviving in the business market is not easy as the competition out there is increasingly becoming difficult. There are lots of examples of businesses that started out with a great concept and later failed due to one or other reasons. 

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About 7.8% of businesses survive during the first year. More than 20% of businesses fail in their first year, around 30% of businesses fail in the second year, whereas 50% of small businesses fail in five years. Nearby 70% of businesses fail in the 10th year after their establishment.

Business Market: How to Achieve Success and What Does It Demand?

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To achieve success in the competitive market requires you to create and own a loyal customer base that always keeps you in the first place when buying similar products. As the majority of the revenues are generated from the profits you earn through selling to customers, it is mandatory for you to focus on sales to increase the profits.

However, there are several challenges to be faced when you are looking forward to earning more customers and profits, and it needs to be done in a way that can help you solve all of them with extreme excellence.

Business is Not Generating Enough Revenues

To keep running your business in the competitive market, you must focus on the revenues you generate. Calculating and keeping all the fixed and variable expenses aside, your business should generate enough to save some from the profits to invest later. 

If your business is not fulfilling this criterion, you need to push harder. Take whatever concepts you need to consider and start earning more to ensure your business does not create any situation that can lead you to own more debts than you can pay or several holes in the expense sheets.

One of the effective ways to deal with this challenge is to increase your selling on a digital platform. Start attracting more customers and convince them to buy from you to ensure your business keeps on earning profits. Also, consider completing all user demands, stretch yourself to the best and find out if any of your products are responsible for lower revenue generation and give it a second thought by changing their functionalities.

To Hire or Not To?

The business is yours. You understand your products and services in a way that nobody else can. But it doesn’t mean that you should take up all the work on your shoulders only. The increased workload often leads to stress and, in the end, disturbs your mind. It distracts you from focusing on solving business problems and rather engages you in completing the chores that a hired personnel could also do.

You have to pay their salaries, but if their output increases your business, it is worth hiring them. You certainly can monitor others and keep control in your hand while getting multiple tasks completed from hired staff. A little help won’t hurt.

Customer Loyalty

Creating a loyal customer base is a real struggle. As there are multiple options available in the market, the customers tend to try out a maximum of them and choose the one that fits their requirements. Making your business fit customer expectations is not easy. Having delivered multiple products and services, it is not easy for you to fulfill every demand of them. However, once created successfully, customers always find a way back to your products and avail them.

The primary reason for attracting your customers and inspiring them to return back to you for more is the product or service quality. The way you serve your customers is important. For example, if you own a digital solution, it becomes important for you to understand their demands and offer your services accordingly that can help you earn more by fulfilling all their requirements.

Marketing Business

Many businesses fail to advertise their business. They can choose to advertise their business on social platforms, online business directories, and many other sources. They can even choose to host an event on an app like Eventbrite to create awareness about their business product or service. Organizing an event is one of the most effective ways to reach more people in a short time. If you have a huge marketing budget, then advertising on multiple platforms can prove to be a profitable option for you.

Business Growth

Your business scale needs to grow as your business keeps turning old. Growing your business needs you to implement new business concepts and engage more customers with them. Well, it costs a pretty penny also. To ensure your business keeps growing, you have to keep some funds dedicated to investing in the latest technologies to give your business enough scope to grow over limits.

Also, to keep up with the latest trends and fulfill business requirements, you must update your business according to industry demands to ensure it gets enough time to grow over limits. The demand for better solutions is increasing, and you should totally make the best out of this opportunity.


Driving your business profits is not easy. Overcoming the challenges being faced results in your business growth as well as your growth. Earning the experience of working under pressure, running business errands within a decided budget, and handling every task by yourself also makes you strong and a determined person that knows how a business should run and can inspire others.

Guest article written by: Gaurav Kanabar is the Founder and CEO of Alphanso Tech; an India-based IT Consulting company that provides video streaming script and other app development services to individuals as per their specific demands. Besides this, the founder also loves to deliver an excellent niche helping readers to have deep insight into the topic.  Twitter || Linkedin 

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