Boy achieves highest possible score in Mensa IQ Test, even beats Stephen Hawking

Mensa is a non-profit high-IQ society where members are considered to be in the top 2 percent most intelligent among the population.  To become a member of this exclusive club, all you need is to have an IQ of 132 or higher that is scored through an accepted test.  Two of the most renowned people to have very high IQ are Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.  Although both have not taken any supervised IQ test, it is estimated that both had an IQ of 160 or higher.

In a recent Mensa test, an 11-year-old boy from the United Kingdom managed to outclass the two theoretical physicists mentioned by scoring 162 on his IQ test.  Yusuf Shah, the boy genius took the Mensa test as he wanted to know if he classifies in the top two percent.  His wishful thinking did not only come true, but also managed to earn the highest possible score.

Acing a test is not an easy feat, but acing the Mensa test is another.  Yusuf’s family was not only proud of their child’s achievement, but also overwhelmed.  In fact, they were even concerned that he might be intimidated when took the test since he did no particular preparation for the test, nothing over the top.  However, since he was looking for high schools to apply as well as writing admissions tests for grammar schools, it somewhat helped him as verbal and nonverbal reasoning were also included in the IQ test.

Being a brilliant kid, there are many subjects that he is interested in.  This includes geography and mathematics.  Since math is on the table, who knows, he might become another famous theoretical physicist one day.

Image: The Atlantic

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