What is The Cost Estimate For Developing an iOS Application?

When it comes to estimating the cost of developing an iOS application, many app owners find great complexity and difficulty. And the reason behind this is obvious since iOS app development involves many things. 

To determine the cost of an iOS application you have to consider various elements. If you are also one of those who are struggling with this, in this post, we will guide you on estimating the cost of developing an iOS app.

So let’s get started

Key Factors That Affect The Cost Of iOS App Development 

There are many factors that determine the cost of iOS application development such as the size of the app, number of features, location of the iOS app development company, and more.  Every factor plays an important role in cost estimation. So let us understand the key factors which need to be considered while analyzing the final cost. 

1. Size and complexity of the app

The size and complexity of an iOS app greatly impact the development cost. If the app is small-scale and requires less number of features and functionalities, it will result in lesser development time and consequently, the cost will reduce. 

At the same time, if the app size is big or designed to perform complex operations, then its size will increase. And eventually, the cost will be too. Hence, when you are estimating the cost of your iOS application, you should see the size and complexity of the app.

2. Number of features

Features of an iOS app have a direct impact on the cost. The more features a mobile app has, the higher resources it requires to build. And consequently, the cost gets increased. A small app might be low in size, however, if it requires custom or advanced features, it will require high-end technologies to build. As a result, it will influence the value. 

For instance, if you are developing an AR mobile app like IKEA for your eCommerce business, then you would need to use AR SDK to build augmented reality features. And this process requires dedicated expertise. Hence, the value of the iOS app might increase. 

3. Size of the development team

To build a fully functional iOS app, you need a dedicated team of developers, project managers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, and business analysts. However, you can kick off your iOS app project with even a single iOS developer. 

But it totally depends on the project requirements. If your app demands specialized expertise, then you would need to hire iOS app developers or outsource your project to a company. And the size of the development team will impact the overall cost.

4. Location of the developer

This is one of the most influential factors which affect the price of the development. Whether you hire a developer or outsource your project to an iOS app development company, the location of the app developer has a significant impact. If you hire a company from the USA for your iOS app project, they might charge you between $100-$180 per hour. 

And if you take your project to a company in India, they would charge you between $25-$50 for the same project. Thus, you should consider the location of the company or developer that you are selecting for your project.

5. Tech stack

iOS app development requires a definite tech stack. Depending on the requirement of features and functionalities, you would need to implement certain tech stacks. It also involves what approach you follow to build the iOS app. If you adopt a native app development method, then you would need to use Apple’s native iOS SDK. 

And if you are developing a cross-platform app, then you would need to use cross-platform app development frameworks like React Native, or Flutter. For each tech stack, there are specific developers who charge different rates. Hence, what tech stack you choose or the approach you follow in your iOS application development highly affects the overall cost. 

6. Niche of the app

It is also one of the decisive factors in iOS application development cost. What features or functionalities your app needs depends on what niche or industry the app is to serve. Since every industry or niche has different requirements, the app would need features or solutions accordingly. And consequently, the cost will be affected. 

For example, if you want to build a gaming app for iOS users, then its cost will be comparatively higher than other types of apps because it requires high-end resources like a gaming engine to build a full-fledged gaming app. Hence, you should check what industry or niche your app is to serve, and based on this the final cost will be determined. 

How To Estimate The Cost Of Developing An iOS Application?

Well, there is a general method to estimate the cost of creating any mobile app- 

[Total cost= total number of developing hours x per hour rate]

When you know how many hours your iOS app will take to completely turn into a fully functional application. And what is the per-hour rate your developer or company charges. By putting these values you can get a rough estimation of your iOS application development cost. 

However, this should be considered as the exact price since cost estimation is dynamic. The best way to estimate the cost of your iOS app project is to consult the best iOS app development company and get a quote from them as per your specific project requirements. 


Estimating the cost to develop an iOS app is a complex process because it includes several factors to accurately determine the final cost. For business owners, it matters a lot since they have to properly analyze their budget to efficiently utilize their resources. 

Therefore, it is recommended to directly consult a professional company that provides best-in-class iOS app development services. They can assist you in exact cost estimation and build a successful app within your budget. 

Guest article written by: The author is an iOS developer at MobileCoderz-a well-established web and mobile app development company that builds top-class business-oriented digital solutions. She has more than 6 years of experience in iOS development along with Swift and Objective-C programming. She has delivered some of the high-grossing iOS apps. Apart from this, She is an avid novel reader and likes to go on adventurous trips.