World’s First Flying Bike XTURISMO costs $777,000

A few decades ago, fantasy writers and storytellers envisioned the future with flying cars as well as hoverbikes. Whether that future is a dystopian society or a utopian one, one of the sensations of the story or the imagery will always be about flying vehicles.

That one-of-a-kind transportation has taken shape right now, thanks to the creation of the ‘XTURISMO’ hoverbike. This hoverbike is considered to be the world’s first flying bike and is created by AERWINS Technologies Inc., a Japan-based start-up company.

The XTURISMO is not just a proof-of-concept technology as the hoverbike is actually available for sale. The company has already started accepting orders since last year in Japan and has now made its way to the United States.

Exuding the look of a futuristic vehicle, the XTURISMO hoverbike is equipped with six fan blades – two large blades in the front and back used for lift off, and four fans used for directions. It is powered by four electric motors along with a regular petrol engine. While the manufacturer has not disclosed the top speed of the vehicle, it is speculated that the XTURISMO hoverbike can reach a top speed of up to 62mph or 100km/h. The bike can fly up to 40 minutes per charge and can lift around 100 kg when flying.

Available in colors black, blue and red, the XTURISMO limited edition is sold at the price of $777,000.

Founder of AERWINS Shuhei Komatsu said the XTURISMO hoverbike does not classify as a vehicle in Japan, so people are allowed to fly the hoverbike without getting a license just to pilot it. He hopes that the American government would also classify XTURISMO as a non-aircraft.

The CEO also revealed that the company plans to sell a smaller version of the hoverbike in the US next year, and that they hope to cut the cost down to $50,000 for a smaller model which will be released in 2025.

Although the hoverbike can be seen as a fun and recreational vehicle for now, it won’t be long when early adopters come zooming past by our roads, above our road cars riding their hoverbikes. Of course, government regulations regarding rules and safety will need to be implemented when the time comes. Nevertheless, having a flying vehicle ready for lift-off is truly a future worth looking forward to.


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