Apple Watch helps save Lives of Pregnant Woman and her Baby

The Apple Watch has been credited for saving the lives of a California woman who is a high-risk pregnancy case, and her baby.

Reports say that fortunately, even though she felt nothing’s generally wrong with her, she heeded the warning of her Apple Watch by going to the hospital, where all of a sudden she immediately went into labor and doctors were able to save her baby amid placental abruption.

High-risk Pregnancy

In a report from CBS News, Jesse Kelly from Costa Mesa says her Apple Watch played an important role in helping save her life and the life of her new baby girl.

At 39 years old, Kelly is a high-risk pregnancy case. She was still a few weeks away from her expected due date, and she was not doing any type of activity that would’ve pushed her heart rate up to 120 beats per minute.

She said, “I had been lying in bed, not feeling well. I didn’t know if it was my morning sickness coming back … or if it was my son’s stomach flu.”

But when her Apple Watch started warning her that something was wrong and kept chirping at her indicating her heart rate was high, she went straight to the hospital.

She said, “It went off the first time and I thought it was strange. Then the second time maybe ten minutes later or so and then the third time maybe a half hour or so later. When it went off the third time I thought ‘OK something is going on.’”

At the Hospital

When Kelly arrived at the hospital, she went into full-blown labor. Things got even worse when “her blood pressure was dropping and she was losing blood due to a pregnancy complication known as placental abruption.”

Fortunately, three hours later, a premature yet healthy baby girl was born. Kelly was grateful not only to the doctors and nurses that cared for her, but also for her Apple Watch that repeatedly warned her something was off, which in fact, it intuitively warned her that her baby was arriving earlier than expected.

Now coming from her own experience, Kelly advises everyone to pay attention to their Apple Watch alerts, “It’s not just a text message. Pay attention to it and listen to your body.”