How Erp & E-commerce Integration Helps Build Better Customer Engagement – Comprehensive Guide

A business will never grow without good and happy customers. But you can’t serve your customers better if you don’t understand them. How do you ensure you achieve this? One answer is simply improving customer engagement. The valuable customer feedback from increased customer engagement can help you make business improvements and improve the customer experience. Therefore, businesses must focus on ways that enhance customer interactions. Without proper customer engagement, you’ll feel disconnected from customers which can be detrimental to the success of your business, without even realizing it. ERP and e-commerce integration are one way you can improve customer engagement. Let’s see how.

Quicker Fulfillment Time Improves Customers Engagements:

One great benefit of implementing ERP and e-commerce integration is that it automates a lot of tasks, saving you time & resources. Customers want to have their hands on items they purchase as soon as possible; the quicker order fulfillment process made possible with automation through integration, therefore, enhances customer satisfaction. Sales orders can instantaneously be downloaded into ERP to be processed immediately. Consequently, the number of repeat customers on your web store that engages and buys from you increases, improving the engagement rate of your web store. 

Provide Unified Experience:

The syncing inventory functionality of ERP & eCommerce integration allows the users to check the availability of items online, buy, and pick them up from their nearest store. This provides a hybrid experience to customers and increases their engagement, giving them the feel of both offline and online shopping. Customers can read reviews, use comparison tools online and go physically check out the product at a physical store when picking it up. 

Provide Instant Stocks Updates: 

The integration prevents overselling through accurate stock information on an e-commerce platform. This is made possible through the inventory syncing functionality of integration that automatically updates the inventory level on regular basis. This increases the trust level of customers by enhancing their experience and motivating them to revisit your web store in the future. Hence, with customers coming back to your web store its engagement rate improves with more web store visitors.

Increasing Customer Engagement Through Enhanced Data Analytics:

One way to improve customer engagement is to simply reach out to those customers that are more likely to interact with your business. How do you know which customers are those? Data analytics is here to help. One great feature of ERPs is that they present great data analytic features. The integration allows web store customers to be created in ERP allowing you to record and maintain customer data and run analytics on it to uncover which customers engage and buy more from your store. Once you have the data on what kind of customer demographics engage and convert most on your web store, you can reach out to those customers through digital marketing and attract more similar customers to your web store, improving your engagement rate.


In modern times, competition in the business world is high; this means running a successful business involves considering all the factors that can elevate your business. People tend to develop a greater interest in things that they interact with; the more they engage in something the more interesting they found it. ERP and e-commerce integration can help e-commerce business improve their customer engagement in various ways. 

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