Apple Watch Screen to use MicroLED Display made In-House

Apple’s concept of technology can only be considered as phenomenal as they have time and time again managed to produce products that have become revolutionary, in a sense. Although they are not the most advanced when it comes to technology, it is their prediction of what product niche to invest in that sets them apart from the rest.

The Apple Watch, first introduced in 2015, has now become one of Apple’s best-selling products. The technology behind a smartwatch is not something new but rather the application and utilization of functional programming is what has mainly led to its success. Since 2019, the Apple Watch has outsold the entire Swiss watch industry, proving that Apple knows what tech product to design and develop.

The tech giant currently procures its OLED display panel for the Apple Watch from Samsung and LG.  However, this may come to an end soon as the company from Cupertino is working to adopt microLED display for its upcoming smartwatches. The move will cement Apple’s intent on working and using components that have been built in-house instead of relying from outside suppliers.

Analysts estimate that we will see the new display on Apple’s smartwatches by 2025. It is also likely that the display technology will extend towards the iPhone. This move will surely create an impact on the finances of their display suppliers since Apple procure such panels in the millions.

The end goal that Apple wants to achieve is to create or design almost everything in-house.  Aside from getting rid of having shared tech with the supplier, building their product parts and components in-house will also give Apple better control over the product outcome.