Apple Watch Ultra attached to Drone and used to Detect Gunshots

The Apple Watch Ultra is a highly popular device among runners, athletes, fitness fans, hikers, scuba divers and even those who are health conscious thanks to its ECG and blood oxygen app, but did you know that it is also being used in a clever way – to detect gunshots?

Triangula, a software company in Norway that specializes in security services for governmental, commercial and law enforcement entities, is using the Apple Watch app to help detect gunshots.

Marius Marents, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, shared on LinkedIn a picture of the drone-mounted Apple Watch Ultra, saying “We can use the Apple Watch as a sensor in our Gunshot Detection System. We mounted an Apple Watch Ultra on a drone. This is so cool.”

Triangula’s technology is reliant on the sensors in smartphones to help recognize “the audio signature of a gunshot” from small firearms and locate their position. Its AI software system takes just a few minutes to deploy and for the whole thing to work, it needs about three or more mobile devices with the Triangula Scout app installed in them.

Triangula has apparently figured out that its system wasn’t just limited to smartphones, and smartwatches can also be used as these also have the necessary sensors. As their system is dependent on identifying the distinct sound of a gunshot, therefore the required sensor is a microphone – the Apple Watch Ultra has an array of three. Its three-microphone array is able to reduce wind noise for better hearing and clearer communications.