Apple highlights Crash Detection and Battery Life in New iPhone 14 Ads

Apple on Monday released two new advertisements on its YouTube channel, highlighting the crash detection and long battery life of the iPhone 14.

The ads were designed to put a spotlight on some of the main features of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, specifically the ability of the smartphone to sense a severe car crash and its more generous battery life.

Crash Detection

The first ad is named “Crash Test”, which takes viewers inside a hangar where a car crash test is being conducted. The collision unfolds in slow motion, accompanied by the song “You Can’t Hurt Me No More” by Gene Chandler. When the car stopped rolling over, seen on the dashboard was the iPhone 14 Pro with a displayed message, “It looks like you’ve been in a crash.”

The tagline of the video reads, “Crash Detection can sense a severe car crash and automatically call 911. Relax, it’s iPhone 14 Pro.”

Longest Battery Life

The second ad, entitled “Battery for Miles”, features the longest ever battery life of the iPhone 14. In the ad, an old farmer is shown riding a tractor, with a huge pumpkin on tow, moving at a slow pace on a vast countryside road. Ludacris’ “Two Miles an Hour” is being played as the background music. Mounted on the front of his steering wheel with Apple Maps on, his iPhone 14 Plus instructs him to “continue straight” for 102 miles. He raised his eyebrow upon hearing this, realizing that the battery on his iPhone will last long enough throughout his journey.

Apple says, “Our longest lasting battery life. Relax, it’s iPhone 14 Plus.”