UK Woman’s Apple AirTag helped put a Burglar behind Bars

Thanks to a simple AirTag, a burglar was put behind bars when he got caught for stealing a woman’s belongings.

Through an unlocked door, the burglar entered a house, stole a woman’s bag and keys, and left the premises. Little did he know that he has practically doomed himself because an AirTag was attached on one of the things he had illegally taken with him.

The AirTag, which was attached to the woman’s keys, proved helpful in tracking down the whereabouts of the burglar – a nearby hotel.

According to a Northern Echo news report, “Dylan Balmer crept into the woman’s home through an unlocked door before stealing a handbag and the keys to her car which had the electronic device attached to the fob.” The electronic device was none other than the AirTag, with the victim later finding the burglar, confronting him about having her keys.

The man handed the keys over and claimed he just found them. Police arrived and then arrested him. CCTV footage at the hotel showed that the clothes he wore that night matched the ones he had when the burglary occurred, with the man later pleading guilty in court. As punishment, he has been sentenced to 15 months behind bars.


Apple first unveiled the AirTag on April 2021, which uses ultra-wideband technology and their existing network of devices to help a user track down their lost or stolen items.

A small, puck-shaped tracking device, the AirTag enables you to locate misplaced or stolen stuff with the Find My app. It can be engraved with letters or an image of your choice, absolutely for free. The AirTag can be purchased in one and four packs for $29 and $99, respectively.

Image: Business Insider