Crash Detection feature of iPhone 14 saves Lives in Australia

The Crash Detection feature of the iPhone 14 was able to alert the police immediately after an unfortunate accident happened in Tasmania during the wee hours, successfully getting help for the victims in mere minutes.

In a report by ABC News Australia, a four-wheel drive truck towing a horse float crashed into a tree stump at 1:45 a.m. on Monday, January 30. One of the passengers had an iPhone 14, and despite all of them being unconscious, the device’s Crash Detection feature quickly alerted the nearest police, who arrived at the scene within eight minutes.

Five people between the ages of 14 to 20 were taken to the hospital. The driver was a 20-year-old female, and based on the initial investigations, the driver was possibly fatigued during that time. The group attended a horse race meeting in Hobart and when it ended on Sunday evening, they were already traveling back to Rowella early Monday morning.

Unfortunately, their four horses died from the accident – two “died immediately after the crash when the horse float rolled, while the other two had to be euthanized at the scene.”

Tasmania Police Inspector Ruth Orr praised the iPhone 14’s Crash Detection feature, saying:

“In a case where people had lost consciousness in a crash like this, it is certainly something that alerts police quickly.”

He also mentioned that the quick response time was all thanks to the police already present in the area, checking out an unrelated matter.

The iPhone 14 models were just recently released by Apple on September 2022, but its innovative Crash Detection feature has already significantly helped out multiple accident victims. Also, its life-saving Emergency SOS via Satellite feature can contact police in emergency situations when Wi-Fi and cellular signals are unavailable.

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