Apple releases New Video on how Crash Detection works on iPhone 14 and Apple Watch

Apple recently released a video that highlights how its new car crash detection feature works.  This feature, available on the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation, Apple Watch Series 8, and the Apple Watch Ultra, provides its users an extra peace of mind as it helps contact the necessary emergency services and people should the user be involved in a car crash.

According to the video, the feature relies heavily on hardware built into the watch, such as a high dynamic range microscope, an accelerometer, a barometer, its GPS, and its microphone along with a series of complex algorithms the helps in detecting if a serious car collision has occurred.

The video states that the crash detection feature has been designed to detect frontal impacts, side impacts, rear-end collisions as well as rollovers.

Once a severe car crash is detected, the user will need to interact with the device they have equipped with this feature.  An alert will be displayed on the device.

If you are still responsive within 10 seconds, you have the option to contact emergency services immediately or simply dismiss the alert if you do not need any assistance.

However, if you do not make a choice after that 10-second period, the device will start a 10-second countdown before automatically contacting emergency services and playing a looped audio message stating that the owner of the device has been in a car accident and is unresponsive as well as relay you estimated location.

After the call to emergency services is completed, if you have saved emergency contacts in your device, they too will be notified of the situation.  Additionally, if you have configured a medical ID in your device, a slider will appear on device’s lock screen so the information can be accessed quickly.

The video essentially outlines how the crash detection feature works. This safety feature was first announced at the Apple Event last September 7.

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