New Webtoons now available on Apple Books, but only in Japan

Apple Books, the e-book reading and store app by Apple, has announced a new webtoon page with exclusive series in various genres that are popular in Japan such as action, fantasy, horror, isekai, mystery, romance and sci-fi.

The new webtoons page in Apple Books are specially designed to be enjoyed on mobile devices, and the format used is popular in South Korea for its smooth scrolling experience, episodic releases and most of all, striking visuals.

Featuring 20 new and original webtoons produced by Kenaz, a Korean-based studio and one of the biggest webtoons producers in the world, the page is available only in Japan as of this time.

Apple released a statement on Friday, “Customers in Japan can now browse, sample, purchase and enjoy ad-free webtoons, which are known as “tete-yomi-manga”. Known, meaning “vertically-scrolling manga,” from the Tate-Yomi-Manga page on Apple Books. Customers can access this page and other manga in the Apple Books app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac via Manga You can find it from the Store tab.”

Vertical Reading Manga in Japan

Apple Books Japan will be introducing daily episodes of serialized webtoons as well as exclusives. Aside from these new webtoons, the recognition and popularity of vertical reading manga will absolutely continue to grow throughout Japan.

Head of Apple’s Japanese service department Hiroshi Hattori said, “Vertical reading manga is growing in popularity in Japan. Customers in Japan already enjoy books, audiobooks and manga on Apple Books, and the newly added vertical reading. The manga page will go even further. Enhance their entertainment experience. We are glad to offer this.”

Note that the new webtoons page is currently available in Japan only. It’s unclear if Apple will offer it to the US or other countries.

Image: @KENAZ_JP Twitter