Effortless Conversion: Migrate PST to EML or Windows Live Mail

The world has gone digital, and MS Outlook is one of the most widely used communication programs. Microsoft Outlook is utilized for sending and receiving emails, managing contacts and calendar entries, as well as numerous other tasks. Switching to Microsoft Outlook from other email clients is the latest trend. There are still a significant number of users who wish to switch to the Windows Live Mail email application and other email clients. Migrate PST to EML or Windows Live Mail (office Outlook to Windows Live Mail) is therefore possible because Windows Live Mail supports the EML file format. To access Windows Live Mail EML files, users must export their Outlook PST email messages to the EML file format. 

Why Convert Emails from Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail?

– Change of the email client on the workstation is one of the primary reasons for migrating correspondence from Outlook PST files to Windows Live Mail.

– You have moved to a new workplace where Windows Live Mail is used for communication. Convert.pst to.eml (office Outlook to Windows Live Mail) is required in this circumstance if you do not wish to Miss Outlook communications. 

– You can have had a negative experience with Outlook and desired to switch to another email client, such as Windows Live Mail.

Manual Methods for PST to Windows Live Mail (EML) Migration

Even though these methods require technical knowledge, we recommend creating a backup of your data. In the event that the phase is executed incorrectly, you will have a backup of your data. Ensure that you have Outlook and Thunderbird installed before attempting to execute these techniques.

Method 1: Exporting PST files to EML via Thunderbird

  • Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird program.
  • Select the Tools > Import option.
  • Next, select the Import from Outlook option on the Import Tool page. Continue by clicking Continue.
  • Select the items you wish to import, and then select Continue.
  • The subsequent page will display the added Outlook options that you selected for import.
  • Finally, select the Begin Import button.

After completing the Import task, the Thunderbird application must be restarted.

  • Once your Outlook messages have been imported, select the messages to convert from PST to EML format.
  • You can select the message by Shift tab or Ctrl + A.
  • Select the messages to convert, then right-click on them.
  • Select Save as from the drop-down menu to initiate the conversion of your PST files to EML format.
  • Create a new folder for the converted PST messages.

The procedures listed above are used to convert PST to EML.

However, this technique is suitable for those with a high level of technical expertise. In addition, there are certain issues that a user encounters when utilizing the approach described above. The list that follows mentions just a few of them.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • This method requires a high level of technical proficiency.
  • Sometimes, PST file information is inaccessible.
  • Often while the approach to convert PST to EML the users’ PST data will not retrieve correctly.
  • The preceding endeavour is difficult and tedious.
  • Errors are likely to occur if the preceding procedure is followed.

These are some disadvantages of the manual method. To safeguard your data, you can utilize a PST converter. Which tool is automated and offers multiple sophisticated features?

Transfer PST Files to Windows Live Mail Using an Effortless Method

Mailvita PST to EML Converter Tool is an all-encompassing solution for Outlook data files. It converts PST files to multiple email applications and formats. In addition, users can convert one or multiple PST files to EML format without losing any data. The application to migrate PST files to Windows Live Mail provides advanced features such as saving the original data, a preview option, rapid conversion, data preservation, etc. This software is compatible with all Mac and Windows operating systems. Additionally, it works with all versions of Microsoft Outlook.

Learn how to use Mailvita PST to EML Converter Software by watching this video.


Follow these methods to effortlessly convert PST to EML.

  1. Download the PST to EML software and install it on your computer.

  2. Select the PST file and then click Browse.
  3. Show the Preview of Whole PST file items.
  4. Select the destination folder and click the Browse button to navigate to the location where you wish to save the EML file.

  5. Click on the “Convert” icon to initiate the conversion.

Last Words

With the rise of digital communication, it is common to need to transfer email clients. Although manual methods exist, the Mailvita PST to EML Converter Tool provides an effortless alternative. It enables you to effortlessly convert PST to EML while preserving the integrity of your data. Embrace the utility of modern tools and streamline your email migration process immediately.