ElectrifAi Leadership Uses Machine Learning to Leverage Data to Solve Client Pain Points 

With innovative solutions that maximize technology and committed, visionary leaders, Jersey City, NJ-based ElectrifAi is charting a new course in machine learning applications.

The experienced ElectrifAi leadership team helps clients address unique pain points quickly, solving what has been described as the last-mile problem for businesses across industries.

The company was recently named a Partner of the Year by SS&C Blue Prism for its excellence in delivering SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation solutions.

The ElectrifAi Leadership Difference

ElectrifAi uses machine learning pre-built solutions to address the critical needs of clients in multiple industries. Business problems are solved in 6-8 weeks, delivering unmatched time to value. Through the help of ElectrifAi, companies quickly see increases in revenue, reduced risk and operational costs, and efficiency gains.

The key to ElectrifAi solutions is the focus on data. Large enterprises often have massive amounts of data, both structured and unstructured. Often, this data is siloed, stored in different locations and challenging to access outside of the business unit.

ElectrifAi helps businesses who are grappling with how to take disparate data from various sources and harness it for actionable results quickly. To solve these issues, businesses would need to spend millions to acquire the talent, tools, and data warehouses necessary to manage the vast amounts of data available. Results would take years.

Using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies and prebuilt models, ElectrifAi can activate and harness that data within weeks. Organizations are more agile and can scale with pre-built ML solutions that sit atop existing systems and accelerates their impact.

A Hospital Boosts Revenue by Millions

One ElectrifAi client is a small hospital system that was facing challenges with revenue leakage. With limited resources, the system was struggling with high rates of false positives and high resource costs that led to millions in lost net revenue annually.

ElectrifAi used a global model that used other hospitals’ findings to identify issues with the client’s missed charges in the initial billing phases. ElectrifAi worked with the hospital system to identify challenges in their billing processes and created dynamic dashboards that could pinpoint potential problem areas and help teach departments about how to address the gap.

The ElectrifAi solution analyzed all outpatient accounts with automated pre-bill and post-bill processes. The result? The system identified more than $14 million in missed charges.

Cruise Line Boosts Bookings via Automation

A top cruise line operator sought to enter new markets, increase booking conversion rates and create higher profit margins. However, the increasing complexity of marketing necessary to be effective was hampered by the cruise line’s disparate technologies with limited functionality.

ElectrifAi analyzed data from multiple sources to develop insights into customer preferences and behavior. It used enhanced data sets that were supplemented by external sources to strengthen customer segmentation that had not been available previously. Under the direction of an agile leadership team, ElectrifAi developed models that predicted customer opt-outs and retarget lists.

The data insights helped tailor marketing for select destinations with targeted campaigns based on customer preferences. The impacts were significant:

  • 97 percent increase in bookings via direct-mail campaigns
  • 63 percent increase in bookings via email campaigns
  • 55 percent in website visits

ElectrifAi: ML Solutions Provider 

ElectrifAi helps clients in multiple industries with solutions in:

  • Customer engagement
  • Revenue capture
  • Contract analytics
  • Spend analytics
  • Contact center operations
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Inventory optimization
  • DevOps automation
  • Demand forecasting
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Default and cash flow prediction

The company has an experienced and dedicated team working to bring creative, pre-built machine learning solutions to a variety of industries and markets.