Top 5 Joomla Backup Plugins

Any Joomla website owner will experience problems such as data loss, server crashes, corruption, file-system errors, and hacking attempts. But with the right backup plugin and working with the experts of Joomla Development Company in Los Angeles,  you can rest easy backing up a Joomla website and restoring it in an emergency. 

While Joomla is a dynamic platform, it’s also highly stable and secure. However, it’s still crucial to perform regular backups of your Joomla website to ensure it is operating and backed up. 

To back up your website, you can choose from a wide variety of Joomla Backup Plugins. This post will focus on five popular Joomla backup plugins that will make backing up a Joomla site easy. 

What is a Joomla Backup Plugin?

A software extension or tool that is designed specifically for Joomla websites is referred to as a Joomla backup plugin. It helps you generate and maintain backups of your database, files, configurations, images, etc. This ensures the safety of your Joomla website and that you can restore it in the event of system failure. Joomla Backup Plugins are simple to use, with various features that allow you to customize and automate the backup process. 

Why Do You Need a Joomla Backup Plugin?

Backup of the Joomla website is vital to save your data and maintain your site running if anything happens to the server. It also keeps your site’s content consistent for when you need to make updates or changes. Below are some reasons why you need Joomla Backup Plugins:

  • Protection against data loss

Lack of proper backup and server crashes can cause a loss of data, which can be extremely costly to you and your Joomla website. Backing up your site with a Joomla Backup Plugin is an easy way to protect against data loss due to server failure or natural disaster.

  • Automated maintenance

Running a Joomla website on your own can be difficult and time-consuming. Automating backup tasks is an excellent way to ensure your database is backed up regularly. This will eliminate the hassle of manually backing up your site every few weeks or months.

  • Security against hacker attacks

With your backups, you can quickly restore your Joomla site in case of a hacker attack or software malfunction. This will be extremely helpful if Joomla is hacked, and you need to promptly restore the Joomla website without losing any data.

  • Easy restore

Joomla Backup Plugins allow you to quickly restore your content, database, and files after a system failure. You can quickly restore a website with your saved backup files for future use.

  • Peace of mind

Finally, peace of mind! You’ve backed up your Joomla website and can sigh a sigh of relief. Properly backing up your Joomla website is essential for business continuity, security, and peace of mind.

Joomla Backup Plugins- Top 5

Below are the Top 5 Joomla Backup Plugins you can use to back up your Joomla website. 

1. Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup is a popular choice for Joomla backup. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to back up your site quickly and efficiently. You can prioritize and schedule backup tasks, entire or selective site backups, and restore Joomla website content and database. With Akeeba Backup, you can also protect your site from hackers and ensure the integrity of your Joomla database. 

Key Features

  • It works with an AJAX-powered web browser (like Google Chrome) to provide you with live updates on your backup process.
  • Provides a variety of formats, including XML, Standard ZIP, and highly optimized JPA.
  • It offers a backup scheduler with One-click backup and restores features.
  • Customizable backups and schedules for individual website objects, such as databases, files, images, or the entire website.
  • Automatically saves your backup files to Amazon S3 and FTP servers, with a remote server capability.

2. EJB – Easy Joomla Backup

The name Easy Joomla Backup refers to a straightforward Joomla site backup solution that stores your files and databases together in a single zip file. If your server is damaged or lost. You can quickly move it to another server to safeguard your Joomla website. 

Key Features

  • Provides a variety of backup files that can be used across different devices and servers.
  • All files and databases of Easy Joomla Backup are stored in a single zip file.
  • Offer a three-backup level security made up of Zip files, Databases, and Files.
  • ACL settings that are more extensive include Configure, Access Administration Interface, Full Backup, Database Backup, File Backup, and Discover.
  • Set backup to run automatically, at a specified time, and regularly.

3. LazyDbBackup

With the help of LazyDbBackup, you can restore all of your content at once by making a daily backup of your Joomla database and emailing it to yourself. The backups are kept on the server itself instead of being mailed to you if you choose. You can access the backups through an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. 

Key features

  • Send your email every day with the backup of the Joomla database.
  • It allows you to select a folder to keep your backups in and a folder for client files.
  • It doesn’t require any database structure to make your backups.
  • It allows you to keep backup copies in a local or FTP server.

4. DataSafe Pro

DataSafe Pro is a backup extension for Joomla that enables you to schedule and manage regular backups of your Joomla website. You can also transfer your data from multiple sources, import SQL dump files, and export your backup files. DataSafe Pro allows you to customize and automate the backup process, allowing you to back up only the essential things to you. 

Key Features

  • Offers options for multiple backup targets, including FTP, Amazon S3, and Cloud.
  • Allows you to back up your Joomla website content from multiple sources.
  • It uses the superior GZIP compression technique to optimize your site backups and reduce the storage space required.
  • Each backup is stored securely online and accessible from any location.

5. J2XML

J2XML is a Joomla extension that allows you to create XML backup files for each component, such as the Joomla core, extensions, and plugins. It enables you to store multiple backup files in a single XML file to help prevent data loss or corruption. You can quickly restore your Joomla website content from these XML backup files, which will be helpful if something goes wrong with your website due to human error or server failure. 

Key Features

  • It provides a simple way to schedule backup tasks with advanced features.
  • Creates an XML template file with an advanced structure, making it easier to restore your Joomla website.
  • Regular updates ensure that your site will be up and running at all times.
  • It offers flexibility, allowing you to back up your database and files.


Joomla!, without a doubt, is an excellent platform for building a website. You can use it to create stunning websites, and we will constantly improve it with new features and updates. However, A backup add-on is a must for the security of your Joomla website. If there is any data loss or corruption, you must have a backup copy to help restore your Joomla website to its previous state. 

Therefore, you must use Joomla Backup plugins to back up your Joomla website. The Top five Joomla Backup Plugins listed above are extremely helpful in case of any data loss. They will help you create a backup copy of your Joomla website easily and seamlessly and offer a variety of additional features that will further enhance your site security.