Feel your Video Game with the OWO Haptic Vest

This haptic vest from OWO lets you feel the pain while playing a video game.

Do you play video games? Have you ever wondered how you would act or perform if you could really “feel the pain” while playing a video game?

Of course, nobody actually wants to feel hurt while playing just a game, but that didn’t stop this tech company from developing their very own haptic vest, which will make a person feel various sensations on the body like a gentle breeze, a warm hug, to more painful scenarios like getting punched, stabbed, cut or even shot by a gun.

The creator of this haptics system, OWO, is currently having a pre-order sale of its Founder Edition haptic gaming system, with the product to launch worldwide in the beginning of 2023.

The OWO haptic vest was displayed at this year’s Electronics Consumer Show (CES) 2023.

As stated in the OWO’s CES page:

“Unlike other haptics that use vibration to reproduce one sensation, OWO is the only company that can reproduce an infinite number of realistic physical sensations. And since each body is different you can calibrate the sensations to make your experience unique.

The result, a deep level of immersion you won’t find anywhere else.”

Sensations Tech

The secret ingredient to this innovative vest – Sensations Technology – allows users to feel real physical sensations.

A microsensation is the base of this technology, the smallest unit that you can calibrate. Each sensation felt is made up of one or more microsensations.

For instance, a gunshot comprises three microsensations: entry wound, exit wound and bleeding.

“With our algorithm, we can create an infinite number of different sensations. All we have to do is imagine a sensation and modify the parameters of the wave,” notes the CES page.


The shirt is equipped with an App that saves user stats, so calibration shall be customized automatically each time they play. The intensity can also be adjusted at any time.

OWO Skin

The OWO haptic system lets its wearer feel sensations in 10 different areas of the upper body, including the arms.

The shirt is completely wireless, allowing users to move freely. It is made of flexible lycra that allows customization to fit into all types of body shapes and sizes. It also has a long-lasting battery.

OWO Inventor

Jose Fuertes is the one who invented the OWO. His aim to merge the simple pleasure of being a kid arcade gamer with fitness technology led him to take the world of gaming to the next level – by creating a physical item that can translate one’s gaming into the coolest, most advanced, realistic experience ever.

“In 2015, Jose founded Wiemspro, a cutting-edge company that uses full-body electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) for fitness. This technology proved to be groundbreaking, as popularity spread with distributors in more than 35 countries all over the world,” said their CES page.