The Meta Quest Pro is now $400 Cheaper

The Quest Pro VR Headset by Meta is currently one of the most advanced Virtual Reality headgears that is available. Its hardware has been designed for convenience as it has been significantly slimmed down yet still packing advanced tech along with a number of features that the Quest 2 doesn’t have. Released just three months ago at a pricey $1,499.99, the rig has just gotten a $400 price cut – a great deal if you’ve had plans of buying the unit.

If you visit Meta’s website, you will see that the previous price of the Quest Pro has been crossed out along with a new figure of $1,099.99 marking its new price. This is a 27 percent discount or nearly a third of its retail value. This price cut makes the Quest Pro more competitive as it makes the unit a bit more affordable and somewhat nearer the price point to that of its competition.

The Quest Pro promises 50 percent more power than the Quest 2 provides. Along with better motion and eye tracking ability, the improved touch controllers, better built-in speakers, dual LCD panels, and thinner form factor gives Quest Pro users a better overall experience.

Meta has recently been on a downward spiral in assessed value as it has made big investments in its “metaverse.”  Overall, Meta has pinned their hopes that their virtual reality and augmented reality services will become the next big thing in social media. The discounted price of the Quest Pro may just be a strategic move by Meta to attract more buyers to their VR headset, thus adding more users to the metaverse population.