Top Gaming YouTubers a Gaming Enthusiast Should Follow 

There are multiple gaming channels available right now. YouTube is the biggest platform for people to create content and shine through it. Among the vast variety of content available, gaming is something a lot of people are passionate about, especially teenagers or the ones in their 20s. Gaming isn’t fixated on age brackets, however, it requires professional gadgets and gear which also include –a smooth internet connection. If you are looking to go pro with gaming and in need of a reliable and smooth internet connection, then you might want to look into wow en español plans and packages, which provide a reliable connection for gaming with assistance in Spanish language, and much more.

Moreover, if you are one of those gaming enthusiasts or are looking to go pro and like to follow influential gaming YouTubers, check out the list below to find some gaming inspiration. They play a variety of games, including horror, indie, and trendy games. Let’s dive into what they do, how they do it and, they ways you can get there. Good luck!

1. Sean William McLoughlin [Jacksepticeye]

Coming from Brighton, England, and with a traditional Irish accent, Sean William McLoughlin is the most energetic YouTuber. He usually starts his videos with “Top of the morning! My name is Jacksepticeye!” Quite energetic, right? Sean, being one of the top YouTubers, has also appeared on RTE One’s The Late Show and Disney’s Polaris: Player Select Show.

Sean William created his channel Jacksepticeye in 2012. He started by making let us play gaming videos. His channel Jacksepticeye was over the moon with a sudden rise of 10k subscribers when one of the most famous personalities on YouTube, PewDiePie, mentioned him in his video. As of now, the Jacksepticeye channel has 29 million subscribers and around 9.4 billion total views.

2. Evan Fong [VanossGaming]

VanossGaming, the gaming channel, is currently home to over 25 million subscribers. Evan Fong, a 26-year-old boy, based in Toronto Canada, runs it. With a net worth of around $15.5M, Evan is one of the highest paid YouTubers now. VanossGaming exists as one of the most influential gaming channels now.

Created in 2011, the channel covers almost every possible video game genre to exist. He features multiple games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Evan Fong’s channel has over 9 Billion views as of now. He has also started his music channel named Lynx Channel, recently.

Evan Fong has been an influential personality for the viewers and will continue to do so in the upcoming time.

3. Daniel Middleton [DanTDM]

Daniel Middleton is one of the top YouTubers to exist. This 26-year-old boy has a net worth of around $16.5 million and is among one of the richest gaming youtubers on the platform. Daniel, on his channel DanTDM, makes Minecraft videos mostly. The channel has around 19 million subscribers as of today.

During the early days, his viewers consisted from children of 5 – 10 years of age. In 2012, Daniel Middleton made the channel with the name The Diamond Minecraft. He later changed it to DanTDM in 2016. After which, he also started making videos of other games like Tomodachi Life and Roblox.

4. Mark Edward Fischbach [Markiplier]

Alongside producing top gaming videos, Mark Fischbach also makes comedy videos on his channel Markiplier. Mark Edward Fischbach is one of the most influential gamers of all time, and a great YouTuber. His net worth is around $12.5 Million, and his subscribers conclude to 20.5 Million viewers.

Mark Fischbach produces a variety of videos. He makes “let’s-play” type of videos. Alongside this, he covers some indie and horror games like Slender: The Eight Pages or Surgeon Simulator, and also covers mainstream games such as Minecraft. His channel Markiplier was made in 2012.  Mark’s channel was featured as number 61 on New Media Rockstar’s Top 100 Channels in 2014.

Mark Fischbach also hosts live streams to collect donations for charities and other causes.

5. Jordan Maron [CaptainSparklez]

In this league of 26-year-olds, Jordan Maron is also one of the most influential YouTubers to exist. Jordan Maron is a video game developer and music producer based in Los Angles, California. He mostly uploads Minecraft videos. Alongside this, he also uploads animations, mod, and command block reviews. 

Jordan created his channel CaptainSparklez in 2010. He has about 10 Million Subscribers on his gaming channel. He also has YouTube channels like Jordan Maron, CaptaianSparklez2, and Maron Music. Jordan Maron also makes music video parodies with Minecraft themes. He appeared as CaptainSparklez in the TV series Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much everything in 2015.


In this article we mentioned some of the leading gaming YouTubers, if you are a gaming freak, subscribe to these YouTubers and enjoy games from their perspective!