Discover the 6 Best Flutter UI Libraries for Creating Stunning Apps

You do not need to code everything from scratch when developing cross-platform applications using Flutter. The availability of various handy libraries helps you speed up the development project efficiently. The Flutter UI libraries prove helpful in both web and mobile app development projects.

The Flutter open-source mobile SDK developed by Google is deployed in several development projects. Each project is unique in terms of the target audience, business industries, and more. Choosing the right set of UI libraries that cater to the project requirements and do not add much weight to the technology stack is essential.

What is a Flutter UI library?

A Flutter UI library is a collection of pre-designed user interface components and widgets that developers can utilize to create the user interface of their Flutter applications more efficiently and consistently. 

Flutter UI libraries promote consistency and aesthetic appeal in app design, enhancing the development process by allowing developers to focus on functionality and user experience rather than the intricacies of UI design.

For building user-friendly mobile apps, you should hire flutter developers india with good experience in mobile app development projects. Experienced developers can implement a mix of standard libraries that help quickly develop the application.  

Benefits of Using Flutter UI Libraries 

Using libraries in app development projects provides faster time-to-market ideas and reduces the projects’ development cost. Additionally, developers do not have to code from scratch, which saves effort in creating web or mobile apps.

Flutter developers can create seamless applications using libraries in less time. Moreover, the added advantage of hot reloading allows the programmers to view the impact of code modifications almost instantly.  

Top 6 Flutter UI Libraries You Can Use in Development Projects 

1. Material Library

Material library ranks among the top Flutter UI libraries, providing programmers with several utility classes and functions. This proves helpful while working with material design in Flutter. The plugin has classes for handling standard UI elements, including buttons, text fields, and sliders. Material Library, which is helpful while using Material Design, has been implemented in several world-class applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Maps.


  • Assigns default property values for descendant card widgets
  • Helps in defining the visual properties
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

2. QUDS UI Kit

This Flutter UI library has several animation-based widgets that can help the development project with simple controlling and event capturing. On the brighter side, this UI library can be easily installed for app development projects hassle-free. 


  • QUDS UI Kit supports Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Web, and Windows.
  • The library is helpful with page transitions, toasts, bottom sheets, pagination, and other aspects of the project.

3. FL_Chart

FL Chart is a proven ideal library for designing graphs for Flutter mobile apps. It can be used for building charts for collecting & viewing data in mobile apps. The package helps to develop beautiful, interactive charts with ease. It comes with several different designs and patterns for designing easy-to-use graphs or charts that assist with quickly finding documents.


  • Supports Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Scatter Chart, and Radar Chart.
  • Simple to use for designing complex graphs and charts
  • Ideal for developing data-intensive mobile apps

4. Story

This Flutter package allows developers to create Instagram stories like UI (user interface). You can access rich animations that are highly customizable and help with experimenting or bringing new ideas to life. Some of the major components of a Story are itemBuilder, responsible for building the content of each story, and storyLength, which helps to fix the length of the story for each of the pages.


  • The package supports iOS, Android, Windows, Web, and Linux
  • Over pub. dev. It has a substantial score of 135 pub points.

5. Cupertino Widgets

Cupertino Widgets are among the most popular Flutter libraries for developing mobile apps that run seamlessly over the iOS platform. Using Cupertino Widgets, developers can create stunning iOS-style buttons without investing too much time in coding. The plugin helps you create highly customizable designs that you can experiment with in different colors, shapes, sizes, or overall designs. 


  • Helps in developing high-fidelity widgets for current iOS design
  • The design language is based on Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • Delivers an authentic iOS experience

6. Get Widget

This open-source UI kit library helps you save development costs as it is completely free to use. It has several pre-built widgets to reuse for designing and developing the Flutter web or mobile apps. It also powers the project with smooth customization.


  • Helps you with responsive designs that are compatible with diverse mobile screen sizes.
  • The widgets can be customized to meet the specific needs of different brands, making them highly adaptable.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Flutter UI libraries serve as invaluable resources for developers seeking to streamline the creation of visually appealing and responsive user interfaces. The top six libraries highlighted in this article, whether it’s Material Design for Google’s design language, Cupertino for Apple-inspired aesthetics, or others catering to specific UI needs, offer a wide array of pre-built components and styling options. These libraries not only expedite the development process but also ensure design consistency and a polished user experience. By leveraging these powerful tools, a web development company in India can focus more on implementing functionality and innovative features while delivering visually stunning and engaging applications to their clients.