Why Choose Flutter for App Development

Companies and organizations work hard to discover Technologies that help them solve business problems. Back in the days when Android was first introduced, programmers and Developers had no other option but to use native languages like Java and Kotlin to develop apps for the Android platform. The same goes for the iOS platform as will web developers need to use swift and objective C. Moreover due to the limitations of these platforms as well as the limitations of the languages that it possessed, developers were only able to create a single native application for a specific platform.

As time passed new technologies and frameworks for invented that enable developers to create native apps using only a single code base. Not only save time and effort but it also has developers become cost-efficient and effective in their development practices. The framework and technology that I am talking about here is flutter. Flutter is an open-source development kit that enables developers to create smooth and easy cross-platform mobile apps using the development Framework tools and components. Developers and programmers are able to build cost-effective high-performance mobile applications specifically for the iOS and Android platforms simultaneously. Developers do not have to write code for two separate apps individually, rather a single code file can manage and generate code for two applications for both Android and IOS platforms in an easy and efficient way.

When it comes to developing cross-platform apps specifically for mobile platforms, flutter becomes one of the best solutions for Android and IOS. Developers do not have to write different code bases for each platform. The mobile versions of the apps developed by flutter are able to function as two native apps compiled for the respective platforms. These apps are high-performance in nature and can easily execute without any obstacles and hiccups.

Here in this article, we will highlight why you need to choose flutter for mobile app development:

Single code Base:

Flutter employs the concept of using a single code base for the development of mobile applications. because of the usage of a single code base, developers can create multiple versions of the apps that run swiftly and effectively on each and every platform it is defined for. Developers do not have the hassle of developing two separate apps for different mobile platforms. 

Developers can create smartphone apps that run similar to the native Runtime environment as effectively and efficiently as possible. A single code base enables developers and programmers to concentrate on the core efforts to develop apps.

Develop for Multiple Platforms:

As native mobile application development is expensive and consumes a lot of time. Developing apps using flutter Technology can enable mobile application developers to create separate apps for mobile Technologies like Android and IOS. Flutter enables programmers and developers to develop for multiple platforms and provide the same native look and feel that users enjoy the most. therefore it is the most cost-effective and efficient platform to develop new Smartphone apps on.


Flutter enables developers and programmers to reduce the coding and development time taken to develop Smartphone apps. Due to this nature, it becomes highly efficient to develop Smartphone apps using flutter Technology. Development of the apps has never been so effective and efficient in purpose. 

Because of flutter Technology, it is now possible for mobile app development to cut costs in mobile app development and enable developers and programmers to create a highly flexible and scalable app in just a fraction amount of the time taken. Therefore the overall app development scenario becomes cost-effective and all credits go to flutter Technology introduced by Google. You can Hire Flutter Developers if you are looking for App Development

Rich Libraries:

Flutter supports many third-party libraries that are able to provide custom functionality to mobile app development in the most easiest and efficient way possible. Therefore it becomes efficient to use flutter Technology for the development of mobile apps in general. The rich feature set of libraries enables programmers and developers to provide custom functionality that enables third-party features easily and efficiently. 

Several companies and organizations like Google have already used Flutter for the development of their products and services. And it is worthwhile to know that new innovations in technology are helping programmers to be as efficient as possible in app development.

Faster Testing:

Flutter enables mobile application developers to create faster development apps with the use of hot reload. Hot reload is a feature that enables programmers and developers to quickly view changes in their app enabling them to real-time see there are changes that they do to code. Flutter enables programmers to reduce the compile time thereby enabling them to see each and every change that programmers do in code. 

Programmers and Developers can experiment in real-time as there are plenty of opportunities to code and fix bugs in development. This reduces the maintenance time and efforts which reduces the cost associated with the maintenance of applications.


So these are the reasons why you should choose flutter for mobile app development.

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