How to Maximize Engagement with Instagram Ads: 2023 Edition

Instagram advertising is all about creating compelling ads and content to maximize engagement with your followers. In this ever-evolving digital landscape, staying on top of the latest strategies and trends is crucial to improve reach and engagement to achieve your ROI. 

Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss popular Instagram ads and techniques on how to use them to accelerate your business growth. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Figure Out The Timings When Your Audience Is Most Engaged

You should post your stories, ads, and content when your audience is most engaged. It’s one of the best tactics to improve engagement depending on your audience’s behaviors. If your audience is young mothers, they might be online more in the afternoon or late at night. 

However, your personal posting time will vary based on your audience’s behavior. And if you can’t find the right time to do posts your ads or content. Try posting early in the morning. So, people who check their social media in the office can see your ad if they aren’t able to at the end of the day. After all, almost all of us check our socials when we want a break from work. 

Different Instagram Ads You Should Know:

There are many kinds of Instagram ads:

  1. Reels ads
  2. Shopping ads
  3. Explore ads
  4. Collection ads
  5. Carousel ads
  6. Video ads
  7. Story ads
  8. Image ads

With the evolving Instagram advertisement landscape, you now have six simplified campaign objectives at your fingertips.

Whether you’re aiming to drive website traffic, increase brand awareness, or boost sales, you can find an ad type and objective that’s tailor-made for your brand. The best part? The call to action for each option will be strategically designed to maximize your ad’s impact and drive the desired results.

Explore Ads

The explore tab on the platform presents Instagram users with many opportunities to delve into fresh and exciting content and discover new accounts that align with their individual Instagram usage patterns. Within this explore tab, exploreads are strategically placed to capture the attention of users who are actively seeking engaging material. 

It’s worth noting that these ads are specifically designed not to disrupt the Explore grid or topic channels, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. They manifest themselves only when a user takes the initiative to click on a video or photo within the Explore tab instead. Therefore, they provide a non-intrusive yet enticing glimpse into the advertised content.

Since user content changes frequently and quickly, businesses can use explore ads to be visible in trending and culturally relevant content to increase brand awareness. 

Collection Ads 

Instagram collection ads combine the elements of shopping ads and carousel ads, resulting in a powerful advertising format. These ads serve as a platform for presenting your product catalog directly to the audience, making them an ideal choice for e-commerce brands and businesses.

 The beauty of these ads lies in their ability to seamlessly advertise and also facilitate product purchases. When users come across these ads and are enticed by the showcased products, they can simply click on the ad to be directed to an Instagram Instant Experience Storefront. 

This storefront serves as a gateway where users can explore further details about the product and proceed with their purchase. As a result, these collection ads not only generate visibility for your products but also transform interested users into valuable leads for your business.

Carousel Ads

The beauty of carousel ads lies in their ability to showcase multiple visuals or videos in a single ad unit. This provides an excellent opportunity to present diverse content that highlights various aspects of your brand, products, or services. Whether you want to showcase different product variations, demonstrate a step-by-step process, or tell a compelling visual story, carousel ads give you the creative freedom to captivate your audience with a visually engaging and interactive experience.

You can use the carousel ads for several purposes:

  1. Share up to 10 images or videos of products or services with your users.
  2. Tell a multi-part story.
  3. Showcase your collection of various new or old products. 

In addition to the visual appeal, carousel ads also come equipped with a valuable feature: the swipe-up link. This link allows users to seamlessly navigate from the ad to your designated website or any provided URL of your choice. By incorporating a call-to-action and a direct pathway to your online presence, carousel ads empower you to drive traffic andincrease conversions.

Story Ads

These full-screen video or image ads seamlessly blend into the stories of your users, making them a familiar and well-utilized feature of Instagram. With over 500,000,000 users engaging with stories each day, the potential reach for your story ads is simply staggering.

What sets story ads apart is their ability to deliver higher engagement compared to in-feed ads. The full-screen view ofthe ad takes up the entire smartphone screen, providing a truly immersive experience for your audience. Therefore, shoot your story ads in a way that feels natural and authentic. So, you can seamlessly integrate them into the stories, ensuring they’re not the same as mere, common ads.

Also, don’t hesitate to unleash your creativity when it comes to story ads. Take advantage of the wide range of features available, including interactive stickers, filters, texts, and GIFs. These elements can enhance engagement and make your story ads more interactive and visually appealing.

Moreover, story ads offer a simple and effective solution when it comes to driving action. The CTA in this kind of ad appears at the bottom of the story for the reader to swipe up. It provides a seamless way for users to explore more or take the desired action. You can customize the CTA to align with your campaign objectives and make it irresistible for users to swipe up and engage further with your brand.

Video Ads

If you’re looking to capture the attention of your target audience and make a lasting impression, incorporating video ads into your marketing strategy can be a game-changer. Video ads offer a dynamic and engaging platform to showcase your brand, products, or services in an immersive and visually compelling manner. 

When it comes to video ad length, it’s important to strike a balance between capturing attention and holding viewer interest. While in-feed video ads on Instagram can be up to 60 seconds long, shorter videos tend to be more effective. Because if you post long ads, the viewer may prefer to scroll and move on if they don’t find it interesting. If you want to engage a newer audience, keep your ad between 10 and 20 seconds.

Image Ads

In order to effectively promote your products, services, or brand, Instagram provides the option to incorporate single images into your advertising strategy. These Instagram image ads are particularly advantageous for campaigns that rely on visually captivating content that can be effectively conveyed through a single image.

While it is possible to incorporate text into your image ads, Instagram recommends exercising restraint when it comes to overlaying text on images. The platform encourages a minimalist approach to text overlays, as it can lead to more favorable outcomes and improved accessibility for all users.Remember, the key lies in finding the perfect balance between captivating visuals and impactful messaging.

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Guest article written by: Martha. K has been working as a PPC campaign specialist in Boston for more than five years. She has helped hundreds of e-commerce and Instagram businesses improve brand reach, awareness, and engagement. She also writes for acclaimed websites and magazines to educate readers about the latest digital and social media marketing trends.