The Importance of Web and Mobile Applications in Business Success

Thanks to the massive and accelerated adoption of the Internet worldwide over the last two decades, web and mobile applications have become an essential part of human activity. This of course has completely transformed societies on the planet and has had a profound impact on the way business is done.

We can see some clear examples in applications such as Netflix and Spotify , which represented an innovation in the audiovisual content industry and the music industry. Dominant companies in those markets such as Blockbuster and Universal Music saw their business model become obsolete and eventually had to change or ended up bankrupt.

But the scope of these applications is not restricted to cases where their use is massive, such as social networks, but there are also uses related to the internal operation of organisations and Web app development company. In this sense, the most essential thing for any organisation, regardless of its size, is to have a good website. The pages of small and medium-sized companies will initially be informative and usually built with a CMS (Content Management System) so that anyone can modify their content without the need for a programmer.

From then on, and according to the needs of the business, it may be necessary to have web and mobile applications to manage the organisation’s own operations such as accounting, financial management, manufacturing, maintenance, inventory management and customer management, among others. others. Every web application development company must find the best way to optimise its processes and meet the growing demands of its customers, and often the best way to do this is with custom-developed software.
Thanks to cloud infrastructure service providers, such as Amazon and Google, any application developed has the potential to scale quickly according to demand. You can go from serving 1,000 to 1,000,000 concurrent users in a matter of minutes. In this way, the introduction of a product or service in a new market is not complex from a technological point of view.

Other important advantages of having web or mobile applications are the following:

  1. Advertising and branding: Web applications, from an information page to an information system, allow establishing a direct communication channel between the organisation and its potential and current clients, since it allows the latter to learn first-hand about the products and services. offered and be aware of any news in a quick and easy way. In addition, a graphic design of the website aligned with the brand’s branding has a great impact on capturing the interest of the target audience. In this sense, applications also play a role in brand marketing.
  2. Scope and accessibility: Today anyone can access web applications through a modern browser, present on practically any computer. Furthermore, a growing number of people in the world have an Android or iOS mobile device at their disposal and this makes them potential consumers for mobile applications. The possibilities of massification of the product or service are enormous and this is also complemented by new and better accessibility functionalities, which allow people with disabilities to use these systems.
  3. Process optimization: A large number of manual processes can be optimised or even completely automated using currently available technology . 
  4. Acquisition of a competitive advantage: The business world is increasingly competitive and users and clients increasingly demand new services that make their lives easier. Nowadays, going directly to a bank to carry out a money transfer operation is unthinkable; for this, an application provided by the bank is used that allows it to be done quickly and safely. Companies that manage to make friendly, efficient and secure technological tools available to their customers have a competitive advantage in their market sector.
  5. Data collection: Applications allow massive amounts of data to be collected about how their users use them. By applying Big Data techniques, it is possible to obtain very valuable information from this data, which reveals consumption patterns, product approval or disapproval trends, correlations between characteristics such as age or gender and the use of specific services, among many others. This of course becomes an invaluable input for the decision making of the senior management of any organisation.

Not all organisations are in the financial capacity to have their own IT (Information Technology) department since highly trained professionals in software engineering and other specialties are required, or specific technological needs simply do not justify such an investment. For these cases, there is the possibility of having a strategic supplier that is able to satisfy these needs.

Sparkout Tech is a company specialised in custom software development that is based in the capital city of Delhi,India. It has more than 7 years of experience in the market and its value proposition is to provide its clients with high-quality technological products in the shortest possible time through the application of agile software development methodologies. We only use cutting-edge technologies for the development of all components of a system (databases, backend, frontend, mobile apps) so that we can deliver products that allow our clients to obtain the best results. Our support begins from day one, from the conception of the idea, and is permanent until the implementation of the system in the production environment.

It is important for any organisation to carry out a detailed analysis of the current state of their processes and the technologies they are currently using. The trend of the world is marked and definitive; In the coming years, we will see continued growth in the number of consumers of digital services, especially in emerging economies, and therefore there will be multiple opportunities for those who are aware of the importance of technology and are ready to take their business model to the next level. next level.

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Guest article written by: Sathish is  a seasoned web application developer with over a decade of experience in crafting innovative and user-centred digital solutions. With a deep passion for coding and a keen eye for design,and successfully delivered a wide range of dynamic and responsive web application development company  that have transformed businesses across industries.