Netflix Crackdown on Password Sharing has Finally Come

Netflix password-sharing is about to get even harder, with the streaming site announcing they will really crack down on this in early 2023. In their earnings report released Thursday, January 19, Netflix announced that password-sharing will finally be unavailable early this year.

Netflix, as we all know, is a video streaming website with a monthly paid subscription.  Access to their massive library of movies, TV series, documentaries, and animated films in itself can be one of life’s simple pleasures. After all, the entertainment value from their list of offerings can keep you glued to your TV screen, computer monitor, or cellphone screen for countless of hours. It is one of those paid subscriptions that’s great to have around whenever you are in the mood to sit down and watch something.

While it is true that it is better to have access to a Netflix account, it does not always mean you pay for such access as multiple users can actually share a single account and even stream from different devices.  Although the terms of use of Netflix must be limited to a single household, it does not always mean that every subscriber will abide by this.  In fact, one can share access to a single Netflix account even if they are on a different state or maybe even a different country.

The main goal of every business is to earn money. Netflix is supposed to be very profitable, but because of a high number of leeches, the potential company earnings drop down substantially. This is where their crackdown over password sharing may prove fruitful as not only will they prevent non-subscribers from accessing their media for free, but it will also stop unnecessary use of their internet bandwidth.

The idea of cracking down shared accounts is already not a favorable move from a freeloader’s standpoint, but once the crackdown actually begins, there will likely be some subscribers who will choose to cancel their account. While this cancel reaction is to be expected, the streaming giant sees its long-term benefit for the company as well as for the subscriber who will experience better and improved services from the company’s increased revenue. While no specific dates have been mentioned, it is suggested that the crackdown would come into force around March.

As a replacement, the company is focusing more on pushing its paid sharing option as well as its lower-priced subscription plan with ads.