Netflix Subscriptions Rise amid Password Sharing Crackdown in the US

The Netflix crackdown on password sharing has finally been implemented in the United States, and it looks like the streaming giant is on the right path all along in its quest to boost its subscriber base. On the topic of being restricted to share their streaming account outside of their home’s IP address, we have … Read more →

Netflix Crackdown on Password Sharing has Finally Come

Netflix password-sharing is about to get even harder, with the streaming site announcing they will really crack down on this in early 2023. In their earnings report released Thursday, January 19, Netflix announced that password-sharing will finally be unavailable early this year. Netflix, as we all know, is a video streaming website with a monthly … Read more →

Netflix will officially start charging for Password Sharing in Early 2023

Using someone else’s Netflix password? A massive crackdown is coming in early 2023. In a letter sent to shareholders this October, Netflix says it will officially start charging for password sharing in early 2023. Despite the company receiving immediate backlash when it announced it was rolling out a pilot password-sharing program in March, Netflix said … Read more →