Netflix to Start Charging Extra for Password Sharing Soon

Netflix announced on Wednesday that it plans to roll out its crackdown on password sharing among viewers, and customers are not happy about it.

In a statement, the company said that in the past it has encouraged account sharing amongst its 222 million subscribers, with features such as multiple streams and profiles, but that the practices are “impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members.”

While it won’t totally ban password sharing, the streaming giant said those who do so will have to pay for it.

To curb sharing outside of the household, two new features will be added – ‘Add Extra Member’ and ‘Transfer Profile to New Account’.

Add an Extra Member: Members of Standard and Premium Netflix plans can add sub-accounts for up to two people who don’t live in the same household – each having their own profile and personalized recommendations. These sub-accounts will also have their own login and password. The sub-accounts of course cost much lower.

Transfer Profile to a New Account: Members of the Basic, Standard and Premium plans can allow people who share their account to transfer profile information either to a new account or an Extra Member sub-account. This will let users keep their viewing history, watch list, and other personalized recommendations.

Netflix revealed they will be initially testing this move in three countries – Chile, Costa Rica and Peru for 2,380 Chilean pesos, 2.99 U.S. dollars and 7.9 Peruvian sol, respectively. Ultimately, they will launch these new changes to the rest of the world.

This latest development most likely means you and your friends could soon be paying more for sharing the same account.

Many are not happy about this and aired their sentiments on Twitter. Here are some of them:

makhallie_shea said, “Netflix will lose a lot of customers if they do this password sharing crackdown they plan to do. Charging extra and crap. Especially when they don’t carry a lot of good content anymore like some of the other streaming apps.”

Sam Gray said, “How do you expect families to handle password sharing in the case of divorcees, their children, or college students away from home? We already pay a lot for it, now you’re just milking us for every dollar spent.”

rpgremix said, “This is a terrible idea. A lot of people travel and watch on their account in different places or maybe they visit a friends and use their account or what if you share the account with a family member who lives in another area.”

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