Things to Know About Digital Antenna Installation and Their Benefits!

October 9, 2018

You may have thought that the antennas were a thing which was used in the old days, but they are still on the market and they offer numerous benefits to the users which the cable and satellite television cannot match. Getting a digital antenna installation can help people to save money and improve the signal […]

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Mobile Reception Woes: How to Troubleshoot for Additional Bars

August 8, 2012

Cell phones have become so ubiquitous that teenagers have no clue what a pay phone is. They feel they have an unalienable right to actually own a cell phone as part of being a teen. It is even suggested that 80% of the world’s population has some sort of cell phone coverage.  With this in […]

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iPhone 4 comes to Verizon CDMA – with three changes…

January 11, 2011

In February 10, after putting Verizon cell phones for sale, now Verizon will start selling CDMA iPhone 4’s to be used on their network. It will be $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model, both with 2-year contract and required data plan. Same price as with AT&T. Regarding the three changes… […]

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Recommended: Invisible Shield for iPhone 4 by Zagg (also saves your signal)

August 6, 2010

Yesterday I installed the invisible shield by Zagg on my recently acquired iPhone 4. I did it because I also had an invisible shield on the back of my iPhone 3GS and I loved it – it added more “grip” so the phone wasn’t as slippery as it is, without being in a case. Plus […]

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iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Confirmed in France and Germany

July 30, 2010

Consumer Reports in the United States already published their “not recommended”-report on iPhone 4 some weeks ago, and now similar organizations in France and Germany confirms the antenna problem. German consumer organization, Stiftung Warentest, and French Que Choisir, has now conducted their own iPhone 4 antenna tests – and their conclusion is basically the same […]

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iPhone 4 Cell Reception Suffers When Touching Its Stainless Steel Band (UPDATE: Or Software Issue?)

June 24, 2010

Scroll down for updates to this article. A video on YouTube is showing what some of us feared – that the cell reception suffers when you touch the stainless steel band that surrounds the iPhone, holding the two pieces of glas (front and back) together while also acting as antennas. There’s not much news about […]

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