Recommended: Invisible Shield for iPhone 4 by Zagg (also saves your signal)

Yesterday I installed the invisible shield by Zagg on my recently acquired iPhone 4. I did it because I also had an invisible shield on the back of my iPhone 3GS and I loved it – it added more “grip” so the phone wasn’t as slippery as it is, without being in a case. Plus it protects the back from scratches and fingerprints.

For my iPhone 4, I ordered the “full body” shield, front and back. They also have a “maximum coverage” package which will “save your signal” on iPhone 4 by installing the shield on the sides of iPhone 4 – right on the antenna steel band. It works by protecting the antenna from the touch of your skin and thus will maintain a better signal – if you’re currently having antenna issues. If you don’t, you’ll probably not experience any difference with the invisible shield on the sides. Watch the video below for more info on invisible shield on the sides of iPhone 4.

As for installation, it’s much easier on iPhone 4 than on the curved iPhone 3GS. I did, however, manage to mess up the back of my shield. I think during the process where I used the squeegee to push excess moisture and bubbles out, I managed to move the shield just enough to get over the edge on one side. I didn’t even notice it. But a few hours later after picking the iPhone up from my pocket, the back shield was about to come of. I took it completely off and sprayed the application solution on it again for a reinstallation. I can’t say for sure how well it sticks second time, but I hope it’ll work. If not, a new shield doesn’t cost that much – compared to the value, I think, it adds.

I’ve always been reluctant to add an invisible shield to the front of my iPhone. With iPhone 4, it’s the first time I’ve done it. I can’t say for sure, yet, if I want to keep it on or not, but so far it does seem to be a lot more resistant to finger prints – which is good. The touch screen is not quite as smooth – and slippery – as if without the shield, so that’s something you might have to get used to. I’ve heard that it does get better with time, but of course never as smooth as if you’re touching only the glass. The touch screen seems to be just as sensitive to my touch as if no shield was on it – no change there, at all.

Full body coverage is $24.99. You can buy them individually as well, front and back is $14.99 each and “4FIX Band/Antenna Coverage” is $9.99.

Zagg also offers invisible shield for many other devices.

PS: No, I was not paid by Zagg to write this 🙂 I’m genuinely satisfied with my invisible shield and wanted to recommend it to all my fellow gadget owners out there!

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  2. thanks for the review as I am currently looking for some review about the Iphone 4 before I purchase one for myself.

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  5. I had a terrible experience with the InvsibleShield for my iPod Touch. Some of it was probably my own fault, but it ended up getting the iPod wet, which set off the sensor, which meant to no replacement when the iPod went bad.

    Fortunately for me, the manager at one of the Apple Stores took pity on me and offered to replace it for free, which was awesome!

    • Do you always copy other people’s blog comments and paste them as being your own – or did you just happen to change your name from Jarred to John?
      Your comment is exactly the same as this one:

  6. there is this proximity detection trouble sometimes , many complained about this who used this sheild


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