Got my iPhone 4!!! So, what about the antenna? Video inside…

I finally got my iPhone 4 after having ordered it on launch day, July 30th. Thanks to a friend of mine in Denmark who ordered it with a contract, I bought it from him as he was satisfied with his current iPhone 3GS and didn’t mind extending his contract with another six months. Lucky me.

First impressions
It’s certainly well built. I’ll give them that. iPhone 3G(S) was pretty good, but iPhone 4 has amazing build quality – nothing less.

The “sharp” edges does annoy me a bit compared to the round corners of iPhone 3GS, but hopefully it’s just a matter of getting used to it. iPhone 4 is thinner too, as you know, and it really shows, especially when it’s on a table next to a 3G(S).

Not to mention the retina display – it’s as gorgeous as they say.

I tested my iPhone 4 on a Danish 3G network by “3” and as you can see in the video below, it does suffer somewhat. I couldn’t get a signal loss with just one finger on “the spot”, but by applying the “death grip”, I managed to drop it from 5 bars to 1 on iOS 4.0 and after updating to iOS 4.0.1 I got it from 3 bars to 1 bar. Usually I hold my iPhone in the right hand but I don’t know if whatever antenna issues there might be, will be an issue in real life. Only time will show. I did order a free bumper from Apple though, just in case.

Video recorded in 720p with a Sony HX5V digital camera.

Invisible Shield
I already ordered an invisible shield for iPhone 4 a few weeks ago. I had an invisible shield on the back of my iPhone 3GS and I love it. It might not look perfect but it protects the back from scratches – and even more important – it makes the 3GS a lot less slippery. I hope that the same will apply to iPhone 4’s invisible shield – I got both front and back but I don’t know yet if I’ll add the front cover too. I might – and then just remove it later if necessary.

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9 thoughts on “Got my iPhone 4!!! So, what about the antenna? Video inside…”

  1. The phone is very sexy. I just wish the Iphone comes to Verizon, but right now I have the Motorola Droid. It sucks about the singal when you do the death grip on the phone. Hopefully they will redesign it better when the next new phone comes.


    Greg Ellison

  2. I somehow feel that the Samsung Galaxy S is a better phone than iPhone with Android platform… I am in love with it..

  3. I have to agree that the iPhone 4 looks appealing, though the antennagate was quite a disappointment. But still, I prefer the HTC EVO, due to it’s larger screen and Android, and maybe that nifty kickstand at the back…

    • People are getting mixed results with the antenna. A survey indicates that less people are having issues with dropped calls on AT&T in USA with iPhone 4, compared to iPhone 3GS:

  4. Grrrrrr I’m still waiting for mine! You are making me jealous Klaus! Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for another week, I hope… enjoy your new toy 😀

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