Volkswagen Beats Tesla in Race towards Affordable EVs

When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla is without doubt the most famous as it is the carmaker after all that revolutionized battery-powered transport vehicles. Although it is clear that Tesla did not invent or create the first electrified vehicle, they are the first to exclusively mass produce them.

Electric Vehicles or EVs are not cheap as most designs have been catered to those with a middle to high income salaries. The problem with this is that electric carmakers are unable to tap into massive sales potential of the mass market. Thus, the race to produce a cheap electric vehicle that even the lower-to-middle income tier could also afford has become an objective. Currently, the average price of new EVs is around $58,000, give or take.

Recently, Volkswagen has unveiled their concept EV called “ID. 2all” which is aimed for the mass market. The estimated price for the vehicle is at $26,000 or less, or €25,000. The pricing is relatively cheap, enough to rival even its cheaper gasoline-powered counterparts.  As for the range, they give it an estimate of 279 miles or 450 kilometers. Volkswagen revealed that their ID. 2all can get an 80% charge in around 20 minutes through the use of superchargers. The affordable electric vehicle will also be front wheel driven.

The ID. 2all was revealed by VW in Germany in an investor event. The design concept for the EV emphasizes on likeability with the overall look of the exterior being reminiscent of a VW Golf. Volkswagen revealed the production of their concept car is expected to start in 2025.