The Top 10 Best Places to Buy Used Cell Phones Wholesale

If you are thinking to dive into the prospering market of used cell phones, then we are with you. Jump-start your business by choosing a well-known used cell phone wholesaler. Can’t find one? Well, this article has got you all covered as we are going to state the top 10 best places where you can buy used cell phones wholesale. So, read along. 

2nd life phones

Are you a fan of the Apple iPhone? 2nd life phones is a reputable used cell phone wholesaler that has a huge inventory of the most-demanded iPhones. Their experts certify products according to their quality and functioning. Also, the prices are quite reasonable for retailers to afford. It provides an effective refund policy and has got you covered in case you receive faulty phones. 2nd life phones peeeeee tons of options for customers to choose from. 


Tradeloop is a safe online marketplace that buys, repairs, recycles, and resells used technology including cell phones. This website has no subscription fee and allows you to make an easy purchase of high-quality cell phones. It carries out a certification process to ensure the quality of its products. All sellers have to pass a 130-point test to analyze the quality of products. Tradeloop is considered the safest trading community in this cell phone industry.

Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation is a trusted wholesale marketplace that offers thousands of used electronics for sale. It includes a wide range of refurbished phone models that are in trend nowadays. Their inventory is regularly updated to get you a more range of options to choose from. You can choose this supplier for making a smaller load of products to check their quality. Also, Direction Liquidation offers a 90-day warranty with its products. 

Phone Daddy

Phone Daddy is a trusted supplier that offers a huge catalog of used phones. This store has promoted the use of refurbished models since they serve as an environmental-friendly source. All their products comply with high standards of quality. In addition, this store makes sure to provide economical prices to all customers. Phone Daddy provides a flexible 30-day return and one-year warranty along with all their products.


Phonecheck offers a wide range of pre-owned phones from different brands. They offer different graded phones that meet your budget and needs. Their experts certify each product by carrying out rigorous quality testing so you get only flawless phones. The complete and thorough testing process, huge selection of products, and one-year warranty make Phonecheck an excellent choice to source a bulk amount of used phones. 


Techliquidators are a huge online marketplace for buying bulk amounts of new, used, returned, and many other cell phones. With over 20 years of experience in this industry, this supplier has been a major provider of used smartphones. Subscribe to them to get information about the latest reused phones. By providing customers with high-value phones, this incredible store has gained an excellent reputation. Featuring a range of electronics, make TechLiquidators your supplier of wholesale electronics liquidation. 

Cellular Country

When it comes to buying used models of phones, Cellular Country is a great option to consider. This is a trustworthy source to bulk buy phones from major leading brands like Apple, Samsung, and other less-known brands too. It offers phones at wholesale prices which means you can save a lot while getting bulk amounts of products. Cellular Country provides 100% customer satisfaction on all its products. 


Orchard provides easy access to a large number of phones. The newly released models are out of budget for many people so this store provides the best possible alternative to them. It offers premium quality used models at a price that is within range for all. Orchard provides 60% less price than retail, free shipping, easy returns, and a 90-day warranty. 

Global Geeks

Global Geeks offers the worldwide distribution of the best-quality phones. It offers the bulk sale of used phone models. Also, their prices are highly economical so retailers can make a good profit. At this store, you can see different quality and graded products to choose the ones that are as per your requirements. Get your hands on good quality phones from Global Geeks.

Gorilla Phones

Gorilla Phones teams up with different suppliers to provide a huge catalog of high-quality and fully functional used phones to its customers. Their experts testify to each product for its quality. Gorilla Phones has been able to secure a huge clientele because of its incredible products, seamless customer services, and reasonable costs for all.  


Among all, 2nd life phones is the best used cell phone wholesaler to order bulk amounts of premium-quality used iPhones. We are not just saying but we have experienced it. Browse the immense variety of 2nd life phones and place an instant quote now!