How to Calculate Product Photo Retouching Cost

The top-notch product photos are absolute game-changers for e-commerce businesses. I mean, in a world where photos speak louder than words, having killer product images is like having a secret weapon for your business. Not only for your e-commerce business but also you have to include compelling visual elements on your blog for organic marketing like WikiLearns.

That’s why the product photo retouching is an on-demand image editing service. So, the business owner and image editor both should know how to calculate the product photo retouching cost.

There are different costing models that you can follow to calculate the retouching cost. Also considering the quality and price you can set the best value for your service.

In this article, you will learn the best methods for calculating your product photo retouching cost. So, let’s dive into the main topic.

Why Do You Need to Retouch Your Product Photo?

In the Wild West of online shopping, your product photos are your lifelines. They will grab attention, draw in customers, and make that “Add to Cart” button pressed.

But sometimes, even the best shots need a touch-up to get rid of flaws. Thus, you will get a pixel-perfect photo to attract your customers and generate sales. That’s why photo retouching is an in-demand image editing service.

Here’s why retouching your product photos is your secret weapon for targeted sales:

First Impressions Matter

Your product photos are the first thing potential customers see on the website. And let’s be real, nobody wants a limp, dusty grip. Here retouching helps you put your best product forward.

The Retouchers clean up dust specks, fix minor scratches, and even out lighting. So, your product photo becomes fresh, sharp, and ready to impress.

Remove Distraction and Focus on Details

The photo Retouchers remove all the issues that may distract details. So, you will get a clean photo where no other things can steal the spotlight from your product. You will get rid of unwanted objects, and blur busy backgrounds. Meanwhile, the colors will be adjusted to make your product look eye-catching.

Boosting Appeal

Image retouching boosts the appeal of your photos. It is like adding a dash of cinnamon and sugar to your product pics.

You will see more bright colors, adjusted contrasts, and a touch of polish that makes your product look more attractive.

Building Brand Trust

Consistency is the key to building a brand identity. Your customers will recognize you by your unique brand style. So, you have to apply a consistent style of retouching to all your product photos.

Moreover, it creates a sense of professionalism. These builds trust with customers, letting them know they’re always getting the same high quality from your brand.

Showing Your Product in Its Best Light

Retouching isn’t about creating fake perfection. It’s about presenting your product in the best possible light. As a result, your photos look more impressive and attract customers.

Retouching the product photos aren’t just about vanity anymore. It is a smart business policy. A little investment in photo retouching will drive sales that you can’t think of with the raw photos.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Product Photo Retouching

Several factors affect the cost of the product photo retouching. Let’s learn about these factors to get a concise idea of how things work in determining the cost.

Level of Retouching

The level of retouching you need for your product photos will have a significant impact on the cost. Basic retouching costs less than advanced retouching.

The basic removal involves minor dust and imperfections removal. Also, some Retouchers provide quick brightness and contrast adjustments in the basic retouching category.

Meanwhile, the advanced and more specific retouching cost is higher than the basic one. Here you will get detailed skin smoothing, wrinkle wrangling, object removal, and image compositing. As a result, you will get more impressive-looking photos.

Complexity of the Image

The complexity of the image also has a great significance in determining the cost of the image. Basic touch-ups are quicker and easier on the wallet, but if your product is a puzzle of details, expect to invest a bit more.

So, you have to understand the complexity of your photos. And, based on your complexity, you need to allocate your time and skill.

Quantity of Images

The quantity of images you need retouched can affect the cost. Some retouching services like the Clipping World, the best clipping path service providers offer discounts for bulk orders. However, the cost of the retouching has to be balanced with the quality of your images.

Costing Models

In product photo editing, different projects call for different pricing approaches. That’s why, you must have an idea about different pricing models. Let’s break down the three main options for calculating the product photo editing cost.

1. Per image Price

The per-image price model is good for small projects. It’s like selling single candy bars at the general store.

However, the cost for this price model may also vary based on the complexity of each edit.

One most important things of the Per Image Price model is the predictability of its cost. So, it’s efficient for budgeting small tasks.

However, it can be expensive for bulk orders. Also, this price model doesn’t offer discounts for larger projects.

2. Project Package

In this price model, you will set the price based on the number of images and level of retouching required for a particular project. So, it’s like eating a buffet at a fancy restaurant.

The image retouching service provider will offer a flat fee for the entire project. It will be more cost-effective than per-image pricing for larger packages. Yet, this price model is less flexible for projects with varying complexity.

3. Hourly Rate

The Hourly Rate price model is good for Complex projects with unknown editing time. When the project requires specific skills and the number of images is high, going for the Hourly Rate is the best option.

However, it can be more expensive than other models if the project takes longer than anticipated.

The Hourly Rate is the most flexible option. It allows for adapting to unforeseen needs during the editing process.

Choosing the Right Model

  • Per Image is budget-friendly for small projects, while packages offer bulk discounts. Hourly rates are for the complex, continuous, and unpredictable edits.
  • Well-defined, consistent edits favor packages. Varied complexity suggests per image or hourly pricing.
  • Packages and per image are fixed, while hourly offers adaptation to changing needs.

However, you can hire a Retouchers who offers hybrid models.


How to Calculate Product Photo Retouching Cost

Now understand the costing models, let’s crack the code on your Photo Retouching Bill.

Hourly Rate Calculation

Calculating the hourly rate for the product photo retouching is super easy. First, you have to calculate the number of hours you are required to complete a certain number of images. Suppose you can retouch 20 images in an hour. And if it costs $0.5 per image, then the hourly rate will be (20*$0.5) =$10.00

Per-Image Cost Calculation

If the Retouchers charges per image, obtain the cost for retouching a single image. This might vary based on the complexity of the retouching required. Cost per Image = Retouchers Per-Image Rate

Total Project Cost Calculation

Once you have the cost per image, multiply it by the total number of images you need to be retouched. Total Project Cost = Cost per Image x Total Number of Images

How to Find the Best Retouchers?

You need expert Retouchers to get high-quality product photos. Their skills, experience, and artistic flair vary, and recognizing their expertise can impact the quality and cost of your project.

Let’s see how you can differentiate the experts from the amateurs:

Portfolio Assessment

You have to prioritize the quality over quantity. So, take a deep dive into the Retouchers portfolio. Look for quality and consistency in their work. Try to understand their range and ability to maintain a high standard across different projects.

Pay attention to before-and-after examples. A skilled Retouchers must have the ability to transform the RAW image into a visual marvel.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Client testimonials and reviews provide valuable insights into a Retouchers’ professionalism. Positive feedback from previous clients is a good sign that you’re dealing with a reliable expert.

Moreover, if the Retouchers has a list of repeat clients, you can rely on him for consistent delivery of quality work.

Technical Proficiency

An expert image Retouchers should be well-versed in the latest photo editing software. Whether it’s Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or other specialized tools, their technical skills should align with industry standards.

Specialized Knowledge

Product photo retouching requires specialized knowledge in this field. The Retouchers must understand the nuances of fashion, beauty, or product photography.

A Retouchers with experience in your specific industry is more likely to comprehend and meet your unique requirements.


Again, experienced Retouchers have problem-solving abilities. They address challenges creatively and find solutions.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital. A skilled Retouchers has to understand your vision and work according to your requirements.

Moreover, the Retouchers has to be transparent about the scope of work, potential challenges, and realistic timelines. Clear communication fosters a collaborative and successful partnership.

Following these steps, you will be able to find an expert product photo Retouchers for your project.

Tips for Getting the Best Value on Product Photo Retouching

So, you are ready to retouch your photos without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to lasso the best value on your retouching journey:

  • First, you have to plan your edits: Know what you want done.
  • Shop around before choosing the best photo Retouchers.
  • Get recommendations from your colleagues.
  • Tell the Retouchers exactly what you need, including the number of photos, level of retouching, and desired turnaround time.
  • Research average pricing for similar retouching services.
  • If you have multiple photos, consider asking for a project package discount.
  • Don’t be afraid to politely negotiate!

Final Thoughts

Product photo retouching is a necessity for the eCommerce business. In a word, they need this service to increase sales. That’s why they need expert Retouchers to get top-notch photos for marketing their products.

You can go for the cost-per-image, project package for the hourly rate pricing model that suits you the best. However, going for the hybrid model will be beneficial in some situations. So, find an expert photo editor like the Clipping World and get the best photo for your business. Also, they offer discounts on bulk orders!


What are the Techniques of Product Retouching?

The photo Retouchers use different techniques based on the needs of the photos. They clean up the images and remove dust, scratches, spots, and blemishes. Sometimes they remove an object that may affect the beauty.

How Many Types of Retouching Are There?

Different image editing service providers offer different types of retouching services. Here are the types of retouching offered by the Clipping World:

  • Retouching of Model Photo
  • Retouching of Jewelry Photo
  • Beauty Retouch
  • Product Photo Retouch

What is Creative Retouching?

The creative retouching makes the photo flawless as well as aesthetic. The creative Retouchers create dramatic effects in the photo.