Migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365 in Simple Steps

If you have a query “How do I migrate from Google to 365?” This post describes the simple and reliable steps to migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365. It provides expert and step-by-step instructions for manually transferring emails from G Suite to Office 365.

An in-depth look at Office 365 and G Suite

Just have a look at both email clients before the Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 migration.

G Suite: which was formerly called Google Workspace, and Office 365 share numerous capabilities that make data management easy for customers. Both are also subscription-based and have varying fees based on the features and additions you make to your account. Though many believe their data is not much safer on Google Workspace owing to its web-based functionality, G Suite is web-based and may operate offline. Because of this, customers are searching for a way to migrate Google Workspace to Office 365.

Office 365: Based on the desktop program that is installed, Microsoft Office 365 offers tools for organizing and managing contacts, calendars, meetings, documents, spreadsheets, and email correspondence. Its web-based apps are browser-cross compatible and it supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Best Ways to Migrate From Google Workspace to Office 365

Email conversion from G Suite to Office 365 is purportedly straightforward to accomplish using many approaches. However, we’ve done our homework online and identified the top two options for transferring from G Suite to Office 365 for you.

Method 1: migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

According to what it said, Microsoft gave instructions on how to use the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) to move from G Suite to Exchange Online. It permits domain and single users to migrate Google Workspace to Office 365. But it cannot move your shared contacts, mail filters, or other information—only emails, contacts, and calendars may be converted. To complete the transfer from G Suite to Office 365, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Service account for G Suite

  • Get your default browser open first.
  • Use this link: https://console.developers.google.com/iam-admin/serviceaccounts.
  • Using your Google Workspace account, sign-in is required here.
  • Afterward, click Create and give the project a new name.
  • After giving the service account a new name, go to the Created service account and click the Create button.
  • Click Proceed to proceed with the newly created Service account.
  • Click on the Create Key button after granting certain permissions.
  • Next, select JSON, and press the Create button.
  • Next, select the Service account’s email to view your Unique ID.
  • Close the tab after selecting the option to enable G Suite domain-wide delegation.

Step 2: Activate the API

  • Visit the API library developer page and log in using your G Suite login information.
  • Open the project you made in Step 1 now.
  • The Gmail API, Google Calendar API, and Contacts API need to be enabled here.

Step 3: Give the Google Service account access 

  • Launch your G Workspace account and navigate to the Admin Panel.
  • To control API client access, tap Security >> Advanced Settings >> Manage here.
  • The following scope should be included after entering the client ID in the Client Name section: https://mail.google.com/, https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar, https://www.google.com/m8/feeds/, https://www.googleapis.com/auth/gmail.settings.sharing.
  • To view the outcome, click the Authorize button at last.

Step 4: Office 365 Mail Addition 

  • On the Domains >> Add/remove domains >> menu, select G Suite Admin Panel. Include a domain or an alias for it.
  • If you choose to Add another domain, you will also need to confirm ownership by entering the domain name and clicking the Proceed button.

Step 5: Add Mail to G Suite 

  • Select Domains >> after opening the G Suite Admin Panel. Include/exclude domains Incorporate a domain or domain alias.
  • Select an option: Incorporate a domain alias for… and input the domain name.
  • Next, select Proceed and confirm who owns it.

Step 6: In Office 365, confirm the user account

  • Google Workspace is prepared for data migration after the aforementioned procedures are finished. Nonetheless, before migrating, make sure every user’s account is in sync with Office 365.

Step 7: Begin the Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 migration With EAC

  • Navigate to Recipients >> Migration when you launch the Exchange Admin Center in your browser.
  • To Exchange Online, click the “+” icon here.
  • After selecting the G Suite (Gmail) migration, press Next in the migration batch wizard.
  • Now click Choose File and browse the CSV file containing the email address you wish to move.
  •  You should also make sure that the CSV file’s Allow Unknown Columns feature is enabled in the file you viewed.
  • To continue the process, click Next.
  • Next, enter the G Suite user’s email address to verify connectivity.
  • Next, select Next after browsing the JSON file with a click on Choose File.
  • Enter the new sub-domain name and migration batch name on another wizard. Select Next.
  • To migrate Google Workspace to Office 365, select the user name you wish to send the migration report to using the Browse button, then click New.
  • Select Recipients >> Migration window from the Exchange Admin Center. The status of process completion and synchronization are displayed to you.

Method 2: Expert Solution to Migrate From Google Workspace to Office 365

A highly effective option has already been highlighted; however, we also have a different approach that works just as well and can transfer all G Suite email accounts to Office 365. To transfer G Suite to Office 365 while preserving correct data integrity, Google Workspace users can use the risk-free and secure Aryson G Suite Backup Tool. A group of emails from G Suite user accounts can be transferred to Office 365 accounts using the software. The G Suite emails can also be downloaded in a variety of file types, including PST, EML, PDF, and DOC.

Steps to Migrate From Google Workspace to Office 365

  • Installing the Google Suite Backup Tool is recommended. Utilize administrator mode to run it.
  • Input the Service Account ID and User Name, then upload the P12 file. Press Sign in with Google.
  • Select the necessary user accounts after that, then click the Next button.
  • After choosing Gmail from the list, click Next.
  • Select Office 365 from the panel on the left and choose from some features.
  • To log in, enter your password and Office 365 ID.
  • Finally, Office 365 has moved all of your G Suite emails.


Your query, “How do I transfer data from G Suite to Office 365?” should be answered by this article. Migrate From Google Workspace to Office 365 is most effective when done this way. Though it takes longer and has limitations, the manual approach is still beneficial. Consequently, we’ve offered a different approach. With this approach, you’ll receive findings that are 100% correct faster. This is a simple-to-use procedure that takes minimal time. With no worries regarding data integrity, we thus suggest that you utilize this tool to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.

Guest article written by: Mark Smith