IT Pros: Total Cost of Ownership on Macs Lower Than PCs

by Klaus on March 16, 2010

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Mac Mini Server

The Enterprise Desktop Alliance recently surveyed 260 IT administrators in the United States to learn which computer environment they believe is the cheapest to manage, when it comes to Macintosh vs PC.

Their results showed that Mac’s cost less to manage than PC’s, according to 65% of the IT admins, with 19% of them saying Mac’s and PC’s are equally cheap/expensive and 16% said PC’s were the cheapest.

They also learned that Mac’s are cheaper to troubleshoot and requires fewer help desk calls from the users. Even though Mac’s are still more expensive to buy than PC’s, it’s the total cost of ownership that eventually makes Mac’s the cheapest choice, for 65% of the IT admins surveyed.

Read more at TUAW: IT pros: Macs cost less to manage than PCs

Being the go-to guy in our company when something doesn’t work on the computer, I’m definitely providing less support and troubleshooting after around 50% of the office started using Mac’s over the past few years, compared to when we were using a combination of Sony, Dell and Acer. Even new Mac users require less of my time than they did while running Windows, despite they having several years of experience with Windows. Yep, I’m a happy Mac camper these days.

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