iPad: 120,000 Pre-Orders First 24 Hours. $75,000,000 Revenue.

CNNMoney.com reports, based on calculations done by Investor Village, that 120,000 iPads were sold during the first day of iPad pre-orders.

They estimate that 69% ordered the Wi-Fi only edition, while the storage capacity was almost equally divided with 33% each (16GB, 32GB, 64GB).

Victor Castroll, an analyst with Valcent Financial Group, said:

“Apple has been able to generate over $75 million in revenue in one day on a product that 99.9% of purchasers haven’t touched or for that matter, even seen in person. And, we’re still three weeks away. That is amazing.”

I wasn’t gonna buy an iPad just yet (waiting till version 2), but with all this hype around it, I’m becoming more and more tempted to pick one up when I’m going to the U.S. on vacation this summer 🙂 But, I think sanity will prevail and until we can get Movies, TV Shows and iBooks in the European iTunes Store, it’s not really of much use, compared to the iPhone.

What about you, are you craving an iPad or what? Leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “iPad: 120,000 Pre-Orders First 24 Hours. $75,000,000 Revenue.”

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  6. The success of the iPad has been phenomenal, with a million units sold within 30 days, and with sales still showing no sign of letting up. I personally am waiting for the inevitable release of version 2 before I will even think of getting one.

    Sony has also just released a competitor to the iPad in Japan, which is the market leader over there, so I would like to see their offering too. We are only witnessing the opening salvoes in the tablet market.


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