Microsoft Phone 7 Copies Apple – No Copy/Paste, No Multitasking & No Flash

Most advanced Mac users are used to seeing Microsoft copying many of the thinks that comes out of Apple in Cupertino (like Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista, as shown in this video by David Pogue).

Well, it’s no surprise that Microsoft probably is a bit jealous of Apple’s success with iPhone, so they’ve decided to copy that, too. That’s to be expected, but when they go ahead and copy the iPhone’s mistakes, that’s where I start to wonder.

For instance, iPhone does/did not have:

  • Flash support (does not)
  • Copy/paste functionality (did not)
  • Multitasking (does not, yet)
  • No memory card (does not)
  • Install apps outside of marketplace/App Store (does not)

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series or Windows Phone Series 7 or whatever it’s called, doesn’t have any of the four things above, either.

Flash support, I can understand. People like to whine about missing Flash on the iPhone, when in reality, I don’t think that many people really needs it, unless they just want to drain their battery really, really fast. But, I wouldn’t mind having it though, still.

Copy/paste. I sometimes missed it on the iPhone when it wans’t there, but now, I use it every now and then, since I can. I don’t understand why Microsoft would say people don’t need copy/paste, according to Engadget.

Update: Microsoft just confirmed that they will add copy/paste to a later version of Windows Phone 7.

Multitasking. Well, it sure would be nice. I don’t really miss it on my iPhone, but as I said, it would be nice as some application would really benefit from being able to run natively in the background. I hope the rumors are true and iPhone OS 4.0 will introduce multitasking to us, one way or the other, so basically I’m surprised why Microsoft would announce a brand new and shiny mobile operating system, and at the same time, not include multitasking.

No memory card. I’m not sure about this one. It would be nice to have, but with phones having 16-64GB of built-in memory, I doubt we really need it. Having a slot for memory card will probably take up more space and limit the design possibilities when you need to make it so people can replace the card themselves. I’ve heard that Microsoft only want users to intall applications through their marketplace, like Apple’s App Store, so having a removeable memory card would simply allow the possibilites for people to easier hack/install unsigned applications.

I think Microsoft on purpose said that they wouldn’t have any of these things, just to get some of the hype that iPhone received because of these flaws. Then Microsoft will just add some of the features (flash, copy/paste and multitasking) rather quickly once their mobile operating system has launched.

But what do you think? Leave a comment!

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