What Twitter Accounts Do You Follow?

by Klaus on January 19, 2013

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When it comes to Twitter, following the right people makes all of the difference in how much fun and information you can pick up from the social media site. There are some Twitter accounts that are necessary to follow. Several highly-followed individuals’ posts can offer special insight and valuable information into a relatable subject. Some may not offer anything of real value to take up a spot on your feed. After all, you can only read so many posts that are pumping products. Which ones should you follow?

Top Twitter Feeds to Follow

There are some Twitter feeds you simply must follow depending on the industry you are in and the way you use the site. They possess the knowledge and experience to share quality information that can be quite helpful to you, and when implemented properly, can produce significant results in your own work. Consider the follow as must-haves for those in these industries.

For the Humor

The 40-year old humorist, John Hodgman is a good place to start. You know him as the PC in Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials, but he is also fantastic when it comes to everyday comedic situations.

For the Culture

For culture, check out Ron Howard. You know his films well enough, now you can get to know the American director’s opinion on the world around him. He gives plenty of behind-the-scenes views, too.

For the Technology

If you are looking for everything tech and geek related, check out the twitter account for Ken Fisher. The founder and editor at Ars Technica, his background in IT is outstanding. His outlook on everyday life is even better.

For the News

For news-related content, feel free to check out Andy Revkin, an environmental writer for The New York Times. It’s very abundant in varied news and information that covers a wide variety of aspects that can be of great interest to many different individuals.

For the Sports

When it comes to sports, you have plenty of options. You must be able to choose between the athletes that post nonsense and those that offer relevant insights to interesting topics. Avoid the players who pump themselves up. Instead, be one of the 5.3 million people following Shaq. He is brilliant when it comes to random topics and news-related posts. He also calls himself the “godfather of sports tweets,” which is why he is necessary for your needs.

You could spend some time following other names and perhaps your friends and family too, but that may not be enough to keep you going back to the site for more information. It’s important to make the most social networking sites and to use them to your advantage – absorb the most useful information as possible. Stay connected to some of the big names on the site, or those that you do not know but should, and it is worth signing into your account to check for status updates.

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